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Study with True/False questions

Write down the information you need to study in the form of a statement and test your knowledge by answering true or false.


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Chapter review

Use this kahoot to review a section of whatever you’re studying! Simply duplicate it and add in relevant information for your exam.


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Create a memorable interactive presentation

Use this template to build a great interactive presentation everyone will remember.


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Ace any topic!

Looking for extra credit? Check out our study kahoots and collections for every subject!

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  • 3.5 k players

AP Human Geography: Cultural Patterns

Continue testing your knowledge on how diffusion of languages and religions relate to geography! Put your knowledge to the test with this Barron’s quiz developed from our must-have AP® Human Geography Premium study guide.

  • 1.3 k Plays
  • 2.9 k players

IBDP Biology: Cell biology

Aligned to the IB Diploma Programme. Suitable for ages 16-19. Test your knowledge on Cell Biology.

  • 81.5 k Plays
  • 295.2 k players

Renaissance and Reformation Review

The Renaissance and Protestant Reformation forever changed European society. A time of great intellectual advancement, it can be defined by the artistic, social, and intellectual transformations. Review here! 

Marvelous, magnificent math

Get ready for your math exams on algebra, geometry and more with this collection of test prep kahoots! Feel marvelously magnificent going into your next math exam.

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History Test Prep

What history exam are you preparing for? Find the perfect kahoot in this collection to help you level up your test score (and knowledge!) for any history class you’re taking. 

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Crack the chemistry code

Get ready for your next chemistry exam with this set of super awesome kahoots to help you learn the periodic table, pH levels and more. Let these kahoots help you crack the chemistry code!

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