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Spark your child’s natural curiosity for learning with Kahoot! Kids – a kid-friendly app experience that encourages skill, knowledge and confidence development, that children can explore on their own or together with friends and family.

The full Kahoot! Kids experience is available with a Kahoot!+ subscription.

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Kickstart your kids' love for lifelong learning

Play is the natural way a child learns about their world, and Kahoot! Kids is a playground of learning that’s ready to be explored.

Turn screen time into social learning time with Kahoot! Kids!

First let your child explore the app at their own pace with ready-to-play kahoots, carefully crafted by early childhood learning experts.

Secondly, watch their curiosity about new topics turn to life while they develop new skills across subjects.

Finally, play kahoots together as a family, sharing in achievements and celebrating what you are learning together!

Support your children’s learning at home and encourage their skill, knowledge and confidence development

Kahoot! Kids is designed to help kids develop new skills such as literacy, numeracy, social-emotional and cognitive skills, and an opportunity to use their thinking skills in different contexts and apply what they’ve learned in multiple ways.

Different levels of complexity make it as accessible for beginners as for children who require multi-step thinking and complex reasoning – all while they have a blast playing!

Discover new languages and share playful learning with the whole family

Thanks to Kahoot! Kids being available in 8 languages, children can also now explore and build skills in a new language! The app experience’s read-aloud technology enables children to listen to the words while reading the text on-screen, helping them practice vocabulary, listening comprehension, and pronunciation.

This can also be a great way for multilingual families to connect, share their language and experience the joy of learning together through play.

How to get started on Kahoot! Kids

Download the Kahoot! app to your child’s device.

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Add a Kahoot! Kids profile inside the app, give the device to your child and watch them play to learn!

Upgrade to a Kahoot!+ subscription to unlock unlimited access to Kahoot! Kids, and 8 award-winning learning apps!

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Create a daily play-learn-connect routine that suits your family’s needs

Morning calmness

Take your morning routine in peace while your child is playing with Kahoot! Kids. After, when you have time together, draw pictures of what they saw in the app.

Midday creativity

While at a doctor’s appointment or grocery shopping, your child can play Kahoot! Kids on your phone. Once you’re outside and have space, act out the scenes from the kahoots together as a family.

Evening curiosity

While you’re making dinner, have your child explore Kahoot! Kids. As you sit down to eat, ask questions about what they did in the app and topics they’re curious about.

Unlock the full Kahoot! Kids experience with a Kahoot!+ subscription

And get unlimited access to 8 award-winning learning apps!

Kahoot!+ Family
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Engage kids with learning

  • Puzzles, polls, multi-select answers, premium images
  • Plus DragonBox app: Learn math!
  • Plus Poio app: Learn to read!
  • Plus Kahoot! Kids: Up to 6 profiles
Kahoot!+ Premier
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$15 per host
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$180 billed annually
$20 per host
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$20 billed monthly

The premier choice for families

  • Everything in Kahoot!+ Family
  • Up to 50 players per game
  • Up to 10 Kahoot! Kids profiles
  • Plus fun new question types: word clouds, type answer and open-ended questions
  • Plus add audio to your questions
  • Plus create courses around any topic
  • Plus customize your kahoots with engaging themes
Kahoot!+ Max
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Become the ultimate Kahoot!’er

  • Everything in Kahoot!+ Premier
  • Up to 100 players per game
  • Plus brainstorm questions
  • Plus Team mode with up to 5 teams
  • Plus Kahoot! tournaments

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Kahoot! Kids is included in Kahoot!+ Family, Premier and Max subscriptions.


Recommended by teachers, loved by children

During the development period of Kahoot! Kids, Simon Hunt, a 3/4 teacher at Tottingham Primary School in Bury, UK, helped us out to test Kahoot! Kids together with his students. With kid-friendly features like read-aloud technology and its diverse content, he finds Kahoot! Kids as a good teaching tool, and his young learners love to play it!

"My students really enjoyed being independent [on the app] because they could operate the app by themselves, as the questions and answers were being read aloud for them."
"We’ve used Kahoot games and some we’ve made to have some fun with our 23 members extended family that live in four states. Ages range from 2 to 73 and all enjoy.”

And there’s even more! Kahoot! Kids is a part of the Kahoot! experience to deepening childrens' learning at home

Tap into 8 award-winning DragonBox and Poio apps that will inspire your kids to learn to read, learn math, geometry, multiplication and algebra, and even learn strategic thinking with chess. Go deeper in learning with these awesome apps!

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