Make learning math awesome with DragonBox

Give kids a unique, interactive experience to learn math on their own at home or in addition to their school curriculum with these award-winning math apps.


Discover the world of DragonBox through these apps:

Kahoot! DragonBox Numbers

Introduce your kids to math with fun activities that explain what numbers are and how they work. Recommended for ages 4-8. This app is included in a Kahoot!+ subscription.

Kahoot! DragonBox Big Numbers

Help your kids understand long additions and subtractions through play and exploration. Recommended for ages 6-9. This app is included in a Kahoot!+ subscription.

DragonBox Algebra 5+

Give young children a head start in math with an intuitive app that secretly teaches algebra! Recommended for ages 5-8.

DragonBox Algebra 12+

Boost grades by helping learners get to grips with advanced topics in mathematics and algebra. Recommended for ages 9+.

DragonBox Elements

Kids go on a great adventure to Euclid’s Island and learn about geometry without even noticing! Recommended for ages 9+.

Magnus Kingdom of Chess

This app is a fun way for young children to learn chess and unleash their cognitive potential. Recommended for ages 5+.

"Love, love, love these apps. They take the fear and confusion away from learning basic algebra and geometry principles. My daughter felt confident and excelled."
"I am a homeschool mom of a 5th grader. I gave this app to her with no instructions, and was pleasantly surprised when she came to me with the first two chapters complete. She was so proud of herself!"

Learning on an iPhone or iPad? Get these app packs

Mix and match DragonBox math apps for kids of different age

Math starter pack

Start setting a foundation for future math learning for younger children with Numbers and Algebra 5+.

Advanced math pack

Challenge and advance your child’s math skills with Elements and Algebra 12+.

Complete math pack

Learn math at home like never before with a full set of DragonBox apps.