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Awesome learning for the entire family

Engage your entire family with learning together! With the award-winning Kahoot! DragonBox and Poio apps, even the youngest family members will be excited about learning. Kahoot!+ is also a great way to stay connected with family and friends when you can’t meet in person.

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Connect your family through a game-based learning experience with Kahoot!+

Engage your kids with learning at home

Kickstart, support and motivate your children’s learning at home with a fun, game-based approach! Kahoot!+ includes learning math with DragonBox apps, learning to read and write through Poio apps, and high quality learning games and quizzes for the entire family on the Kahoot! Kids app.


Connect with friends and family from anywhere

Start a game show in your living room, and connect with other family members and friends over video! Playing Kahoot! is an easy, fun, interactive way to connect across distance, which is more relevant than ever in times of enforced social distancing. Kahoot! can be played via any video conferencing tool.


Find high quality, ready-to-play games for the entire family

In addition to 100+ million ready-to-play kahoots on any topic created by our community, Kahoot!+ connects you with high quality kahoots for your entire family from renowned publishers such as Marvel, National Geographic, Common Sense Education, and more. Have fun and learn together: brain teasers, trivia, news quizzes, popular science – you name it!


Make social events awesome

From casual trivia nights to important celebrations, Kahoot! will be a great addition to any social event. You can create your own kahoot for any occasion – it only takes minutes. Combine quiz with polls, word clouds and other questions to energize any group. Have you tried making a kahoot with facts about yourself or another family member (“selfie kahoot”)? Works great for family gatherings – even if they’re virtual.


Engage your kids with learning at home with these awesome apps

Kahoot!+ helps parents kickstart and support their kids’ learning at home through engaging apps covering math for preschoolers and learning to read through play.


Kahoot! Multiplication by DragonBox

Turn the chore of memorizing the times tables into an awesome and captivating game experience! Recommended for ages 8 and up.


Kahoot! Numbers by DragonBox

Introduce your kids to math with fun activities that explain what numbers are and how they work. Recommended for ages 4-8.


Kahoot! Big Numbers by DragonBox

Help your kids understand long additions and subtractions through play and exploration. Recommended for ages 6-9.


Kahoot! Algebra by DragonBox

This intuitive game teaches processes needed to solve basic linear equations. Recommended for ages 5 and up.


Kahoot! Algebra 2 by DragonBox

Help children gain confidence in algebra and improve their grades. Recommended for ages 9 and up.


Kahoot! Geometry by DragonBox

Learn geometry on an exciting learning adventure in the world of shapes. Recommended for ages 9 and up.


Kahoot! Learn Chess by DragonBox

Learn to play chess or improve your skills and become the grandmaster in your family! Recommended for ages 5 and up.


Kahoot! Learn to Read by Poio

This game helps children aged 3-8 learn to read through their own exploration.

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Kahoot! app

Access millions of ready-to-play learning games, master topics with study modes, and compete with friends in leagues.

Choose one of our Kahoot!+ plans

You can sign up for free to get started with Kahoot! for personal use, or choose one of our Kahoot!+ plans to make learning awesome for your entire family:

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Turn your casual games into awesome experiences
Kahoot!+ Start for personal use

Save time creating

Choose from half a billion pre-made questions and answers or edit existing kahoots on the go!

Elevate your games

Unlock multi-select answers and puzzle questions to keep the excitement and add premium images to get the perfect visual match for each question.

Captivate all players

Create an age-inclusive experience including audio in your questions and images as answers.

Bring excitement to your get-togethers with advanced features
Kahoot!+ Premier for personal use

Discover new ways of playing

Turn up the vibe with challenging missions to accumulate points in the latest game experiences.

Personalize your gameplay

Level up the fun with pre-made seasonal themes and custom characters to give your games their own personality.

Engage with your loved ones

Encourage players to share their opinion with poll and drop pin questions to organize holidays, parties, and much more!

Keep the adrenaline with the ultimate Kahoot! experience
Kahoot!+ Max for personal use

Unlock the latest question types

Make guessing more exciting and keep the surprise effect with slider and type answer questions.

Fully customize your events

Personalize the name and line-up of each team and pick your own background color to make your games look and feel unique!

Create kahoots in seconds

Try the AI-enhanced question generator and easily create games by just describing the topic of your kahoot.