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Huddle up for your sports nights with Kahoot!+ 

Host the best house party games with premium ready-to-play kahoots and advanced creation features to keep everyone on the edge of their seats!

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5 + 1 essentials to create memorable game nights!

It’s time to prepare the field for your house party games! Get your favorite snack, tune into your TV, invite your squad, and unlock the essentials to have fun like a champion!


1. Create your own prediction poll and challenge others!

house party games

Sports night prediction poll


Duplicate this easy-to-use editable template and create your own sports poll to compete with your friends and family for the first spot on the podium! Who can predict the odds more accurately?

2. Become a sports expert with these
ready-to-play kahoots

Whether your guests are #1 fans or they’re just there for the snacks or the after-party, they will for sure have a blast with these special house party games! Take your pick and challenge how much you all know about your favorite sports!


Tennis trivia


Compete with your friends and family and see how much you know about tennis!


Competitive sports


Learn to discuss competitive sports in Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German!

Looking for more kahoots? Explore the complete sports trivia collection and gear up for all kinds of sporting events!

Get full access to exclusive games, prediction polls, custom characters, premium themes, and much more!

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Throw your own customized party!

3. Personalize your background theme

Fill ready-to-use or self-created kahoots with some sporty vibes with our special theme! Use it as a background and get the perfect match for your house party games!

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4. Show off your team spirit with super characters

Express the love for your team with super characters, fun perks, and accessories! Your Kahoot! character will even celebrate your successes and do your victory dances when you make it to the podium!

Unlock them with Kahoot!+


5. Team up to win!

  • Create your own teams and personalize your names and line-ups.
  • Discover new ways of playing together with challenging missions in the latest game experiences.
  • Play multiple kahoots and combine the results to climb the leaderboard and announce the final winner.

Unlock them with Kahoot!+




6. Feel like a champ with Kahoot!’s lobby music

Make an epic impact using the brand-new Glory lobby music on any kahoot you’re playing! When hosting your game, just select Lobby music in the Settings section and choose Glory!

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Get the Kahoot! experience for professional
teams and trainings

Trusted by the big leagues, loved by players and sports fans on and off the field!

Discover how renowned professional sports teams are already using Kahoot! to coach, train, boost friendly competition, and inspire themselves. Learn more in these featured articles: “Formed a winning bond” and “Ready to be a starter”.


Explore professional plans


house party games


Bring excitement to your get-togethers with advanced features
Kahoot!+ Premier for personal use

Discover new ways of playing

Turn up the vibe with challenging missions to accumulate points in the latest game experiences.

Personalize your gameplay

Level up the fun with pre-made seasonal themes and custom characters to give your games their own personality.

Engage with your loved ones

Encourage players to share their opinion with poll and drop pin questions to organize holidays, parties, and much more!

Keep the adrenaline with the ultimate Kahoot! experience
Kahoot!+ Max for personal use

Unlock the latest question types

Make guessing more exciting and keep the surprise effect with slider and type answer questions.

Fully customize your events

Personalize the name and line-up of each team and pick your own background color to make your games look and feel unique!

Create kahoots in seconds

Try the AI-enhanced question generator and easily create games by just describing the topic of your kahoot.