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Who says studying can't be fun?

Studying doesn’t have to be a chore. Really! Kahoot!+ Study introduces a fast and flexible study toolkit that makes learning more interesting, more engaging, and more enjoyable. You can even make it a social experience, by doing it with your friends. 


Fun is a better way of learning

It’s a well-known fact that if you like what you’re doing you’ll learn faster. Kahoot!+ Study is our new offering for higher education students (16 and up). It’s a way of learning that gives you complete freedom, learn how, when, where and with who you want.

Flexible learning on-the-go

Kahoot!+ Study is the flexible solution to supercharge your learning wherever you go! Study at home, in school, or master any topic while you’re waiting for the bus. It’s up to you when and where, wherever life takes you.

On your own or in a group

Which do you prefer? With study modes, you can choose to learn individually or in a group. Virtually or in person. And in a group, you can use the power of “friendly” competition!

Present like a pro

Create cool-looking presentations and add interactive features. Access millions of premium images, question banks, and new question types. Make your presentations memorable.

Learn faster and more effectively

Smart study features like flashcards, practice, and test yourself will not only help you stay motivated, you’ll learn faster and save time. Giving you more time to do other things you love.

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