This video shows teams in different organizations playing Kahoot! at work.

Kahoot! Plus

There’s a curious learner in everyone, no matter their age, location or profession.

Make training fun and engaging in your organization, drive a higher return on learning investment and help keep Kahoot! free for schools!

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that brings fun and engagement to training sessions, events, classrooms and other contexts. You can create a learning game, e.g., a quiz, on any topic. When you play a kahoot in a group setting, questions appear on a shared screen and players answer on their devices.

6 reasons to start Kahoot!'ing
in your organization

Boring training? Never again!

Keep everyone on the edge of their seats in your training sessions and ensure a long-lasting learning impact.

Engaging, interactive presentations

Turn up the engagement in your presentations by blending them with interactive Kahoot! games.

New way to onboard employees

Walk new employees through onboarding essentials with Kahoot! and encourage them to introduce themselves with selfie quizzes.

Connect teams, even remotely

A good kahoot connects people and boosts team spirit. You can play between offices and with remote team members, too!

Bring more fun to your events

A splash of fun, a dash of competition – make your events with employees, partners or customers stand out!

Keep Kahoot! free for schools

By signing up for Kahoot! Plus, you help to keep our learning platform free for schools all around the globe.

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What’s the "plus" in Kahoot! Plus?

Quick overview of the premium features: from $9.95 per trainer/month

Add your logo to kahoots

In Kahoot! Plus, you can add your organization’s logo to all kahoots you create. Corporate branding will appear in the game lobby, each of the questions and screens after the game. It’s always better with a personal touch!

Assign Kahoot! challenges for remote training

Planning to train a distributed team or want to reinforce knowledge after a session? Assign Kahoot! challenges so that trainees play them in our mobile app and complete their training remotely. You can track their progress in reports and get valuable insights for planning your next sessions!

Mobile challenges in Kahoot!

Measure impact with advanced reports

Love data? Voilà! In Kahoot! Plus, you can view advanced reports on game results and easily measure learning impact. Find out how many answers were correct in the game, which question was the easiest or, on the contrary, trickiest, how fast the players were in each question, and more.

Collaborate on games with other trainers

Invite other trainers from your organization to Kahoot! Plus to create and host awesome training games together. The topic, format and number of questions are entirely up to you!

Kahoot! Plus - Curious K!rew

Give your org a private, secure area

In Kahoot! Plus, you create and share games in your organization’s own private, secure area. You can easily copy kahoots from your private account, too. All content in one spot!

Get inspired with sample kahoots

We created a set of business-focused kahoot examples to get you up and running: a game for sales training, new employee onboarding, and more.

News, tips & case studies

Read our latest news, helpful how-to's and inspiring stories of Kahoot!'ers on our blog.

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