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Kahoot! Superstar Presenter Spotlight

Presentations play an essential role in businesses today. From training small teams to communicating business goals and strategy to the entire workforce, presentations serve as a primary vehicle for sharing knowledge internally. Likewise, they are a key way for companies to showcase their brand and offerings to external stakeholders, including current and potential customers, partners, and investors.


Successful presentations are not simply nice-to-haves. They can make the difference in keeping your team members informed and engaged, signing on clients, and growing your business. The question is: what does a ‘wow presentation’ look like, and how can you set yourself and your team up for success when presenting?

To explore these questions and beyond, we’re launching the “Superstar Presenter Spotlight,” uncovering what corporate workers value in presentations, their greatest challenges in presenting, and how any employee can become a superstar presenter.

Key takeaways

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Employees recognize the benefits of great presentations at work, including greater motivation for learning, sharing knowledge with coworkers, and more, with 96% reporting being interested in superstar presenter training at work.

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Only 9% of corporate employees who present feel totally confident in their presentation skills, and more than half struggle to keep their audience engaged.

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By giving employees the tools and guidance to make their presentations interactive – one of the top qualities of a great presentation, according to employees – companies can make it easier for any employee to become a confident and effective presenter.

Kahoot! can help employees and teams level-up their presentation game and more with our suite of solutions used by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Get more insights by exploring the full report below, and contact us today at to learn how Kahoot! 360 can empower you and your team to become superstar presenters.

Employees strongly value high-quality presentations,
but few believe their own skills are up to par

Brilliant presentations would spark motivation, deeper learning, and knowledge sharing, employees say—but most are uncertain of their own presenting skills.

When it comes to presentations, people have grown to expect showstoppers. The popularity of TED Talks, often featuring professional public speakers at the top of their fields, has led many to see charisma, charm, and confidence in the spotlight as essentials for presenting. In fact, 86% of corporate employees surveyed agreed TED Talks are the presentation gold standard.

Team presenting with Kahoot!

Employees see numerous potential benefits of these high-quality presentations in the workplace, with 49% believing they would motivate them to deepen their knowledge at work, 48% saying they would be opportunities for knowledge sharing, and 43% saying they would look forward to presentations instead of dreading them.

However, employees know that this pro-level of public speaking takes a lot of specialized skill and experience, and most don’t believe they (or their co-workers) have it. Only 9% of employees surveyed would rate their own presentation skills as ready for the TED stage, and a mere 4% believe that their company workforce already has top-notch presentation skills and doesn’t need additional training.

A young latin businesswoman standing in an conference room with coworkers working at the table, looking at the camera and smiling with arms crossed.

The remaining 96% of professionals generally agree that their workplace would benefit from dedicated training on presenting. Though, 55% hedge that the trainer would likely need to be exceptional to persuade people to join, underscoring people’s perception of the high level of skill necessary to be a great presenter.

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Delivering a presentation at an event with Kahoot!

How would you rate your presentation skills currently?

Survey data infographic showing how employees would rate their own presenting skills.

More than half of presenters say audience engagement is their biggest pain point

Employees giving presentations at work still struggle to keep their audience engaged, overcome nerves, connect with the audience, and consistently gather feedback.

While presentations may have more design bells and whistles today, most presenters continue to grapple with the same chronic challenge: keeping the audience engaged throughout the presentation. This ranked as the top pain point for presenters (53%), followed by nerves and lack of confidence (46%) and breaking the ice to connect with the audience (44%).

Lack of regular feedback is another significant issue, also pointing to a disconnect between the presenter and audience. Among survey respondents, 98% value feedback from their presentation audience, but only 13% report consistently receiving it. While 42% of employees generally feel their presentations go well, they report feeling uncertain if their message is truly resonating.


Employees working together on a tablet in an office space


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Woman delivering a presentation at a podium

What are your biggest pain points for you when presenting at work?
Survey infographic showing employees' biggest pain points when presenting.

Ana-Gabriela Aguilar, Capgemini
Ana-Gabriela Aguilar, Capgemini Business Services
"Kahoot is a key component in our learning culture. It allows us to create an interactive atmosphere in which we keep learners engaged and achieve our learning objectives."

Storytelling is known as the hallmark of great presentations, but interactivity closely follows

Interactivity is now nearly tied with great storytelling as the most important quality for successful presentations

With most seeing TED Talks as the gold standard for presentations, it’s no surprise that storytelling prowess is considered the top quality of a great presenter (27%), as these talks tend to be solely speaker-focused and often utilize storytelling to connect the speaker and audience. However, according to employees surveyed, the ability to make presentations interactive is nearly as important (25%).

A focus on interactivity could be key to empowering more employees to become superstar presenters, without needing the skills and experience of a TED speaker, as presentation building technologies can make it easy for employees to weave interactivity into their presentations.

Presenter on stage facing a presentation audience

In addition to keeping audiences engaged through active participation, interactivity also addresses the challenges many presenters are facing with nerves. By transforming the presentation into a social experience and involving everyone, the presenter can avoid being the sole person in the spotlight.

Interactivity likewise establishes a continuous feedback loop, allowing presenters to regularly take the pulse of the audience and adjust their talking points or style in real time.

Presentation audience applauding

In your view, what presentation attributes make a brilliant presenter?

Survey infographic showing what employees believe are the most important qualities of a great presenter.

Matt Abrahams
Matt Abrahams, Stanford lecturer, Think Fast, Talk Smart podcast host, and author of the book Think Faster, Talk Smarter
“Fostering engagement is critical, both to maintain the audience’s focus and enhance your ability to convey the relevance and importance of your topic. However, as confirmed by this survey, there's no silver bullet for achieving engagement; it can be cultivated through various means such as storytelling, interactive involvement (surveys, quizzes), humor, and more. While mastering the art of storytelling may pose challenges for many, actively involving your audience holds comparable power—and can be far more attainable.”

Employees recognize AI as a potential game-changer for presentations

As artificial intelligence (AI) grows more widespread in workplaces, nearly half say it could play an important role in presentations.

Since AI tools, particularly generative AI, have become more widely available, many employees and corporate teams are exploring how these tools can best support their work to be more efficient and impactful. While only 17% of professionals currently use AI to help create or host presentations, a significant 48% believe AI could be a valuable ally in the presentation game. 

Woman delivering a presentation in front of an audience

To what extent do you think AI could be your secret weapon for crafting and delivering captivating presentations that leave a lasting impression?
Survey infographic showing how employees feel about using AI to support with presentations.

This gap between employees’ perception of AI’s usefulness and their actual utilization of AI suggests that employees may need more access to relevant AI tools, or guidance on how to use them for crafting presentations.

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Two men hosting an interactive presentation using Kahoot! for an audience
Alessandro Ferrario, The Adecco Group
Alessandro Ferrario, Candidate Engagement Specialist at The Adecco Group
“We receive great feedback about Kahoot! from our participants and my colleagues. Kahoot! is always requested by everyone. When we play it in live sessions, it’s the moment that everyone wakes up, so we get this non-verbal feedback that it’s really working a lot. It makes the audience much less passive and helps us see how much information has been processed or internalized.”

The results in this report are from an online survey conducted by Researchscape on behalf of Kahoot! of 1,042 U.S. professionals who create presentations as part of their jobs, at companies with 250 or more employees. The survey was fielded from March 1 to 4, 2024.

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