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Kahoot! 2022 Workplace Culture Report

Unleashing employee potential in the workplace

Download the 2022 Workplace Culture Report for unique insights from employees into the top challenges and opportunities for businesses to develop learning and engagement strategies that help employees and companies thrive in the future of work.



 Why the popularity of hybrid working and the growth of Gen Z in the workforce calls for a new approach to corporate learning and engagement

 How many employees report holding valuable knowledge that could benefit their co-workers but haven’t yet shared it, a potential game-changer in an era of high-demand for upskilling and reskilling

 The importance of an engaging workplace to employees—including a willingness to forego a percentage of their salary for more engagement—particularly for Gen Z and hybrid workers

 What employees want to feel more engaged in virtual meetings, trainings and presentations, and why it matters in an increasingly distributed and digital future of work

58% of workers say they are holding in valuable knowledge that could benefit their co-workers