Energize your team via video conference or in person with Kahoot! 360 Pro


Create and deliver interactive experiences with Kahoot!

With the shift to remote work, employee engagement has never been more important. That’s why companies around the world – including 97% of the Fortune 500 – use Kahoot! to create and deliver interactive training sessions, presentations, and meetings for remote employees. 

Kahoot! 360 Pro’s best-in-class features, helps you: 

  • Seamlessly host kahoots via any video conferencing platform 
  • Deliver interactive presentations and spark discussions with audience participation features
  • Create and deliver mobile training and track progress with powerful reports 
  • Improve learning outcomes throughout your organization 
  • Gamify entire events to maximize engagement
  • Connect teams and build a culture where everyone feels valued, heard, and involved

Learn how Kahoot! integrates with MS Teams and can be used with other video conferencing tools!

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Seamlessly host via any video conferencing platform

Deliver presentations, meetings, training, and events via any video conference platform, including Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. With our Microsoft Teams integration, you can host live kahoots and assign self-paced challenges directly in Teams!

Deliver memorable interactive presentations

Involve and energize everyone during video calls by delivering interactive presentations. Simply import a slide deck from PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote – or upload a PDF file – and add audience participation features to keep every participant engaged.

Give everyone a voice and spark discussions

Add polls, word clouds, and open-ended questions between slides to facilitate interaction with your audience throughout a presentation or meeting. What’s more, you can give everyone a voice during in-person and virtual meetings with brainstorm, a gamified way to collect, discuss, and vote on ideas.

Create and deliver mobile training

Empower employees to learn in the flow of work. Deliver mobile learning by creating and assigning self-paced courses for employees to complete anywhere, anytime – on desktop or mobile. Link a series of self-paced challenges to create a course, assign it via email, and send reminders to boost completion rates.

Track progress with powerful reports

Track progress, identify knowledge gaps, and get actionable insights with Kahoot! reports. Get real-time feedback, identify the player behind the nickname, and track participation and completion rates – all in one easy-to-navigate report.

Gamify your entire event to maximize engagement

Host kahoots throughout an in-person or virtual event and easily maintain audience focus and energy. Deliver key points with audience participation features and check if you landed your main message with a range of assessment question types.

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 Key features included in Kahoot! 360 Pro

Involve everyone with audience participation features

Poll: Gather instant opinions and feedback with polls.
Word cloud: Type a short response with the most popular ones displayed in a word cloud.
Open-ended question: Collect feedback by getting participants to type free-form responses.
Brainstorm: Collect, discuss, and vote on ideas with brainstorm.

Tools for creating interactive presentations

Slider importer: Import slides ( .PPT, .key, and PDFs) directly into a kahoot.
Slides: Give players more context by adding media-rich Kahoot! slides.
Premium image library: Create visually engaging kahoots with a premium image library.

Assessment question types to test knowledge

Quiz: Write up to four answer alternatives for participants to choose from.
Puzzle: Ask participants to drag and drop four tiles into the correct order.
Type answer: Test knowledge recall by asking participants to type short answers.

Functionality to improve training outcomes

Courses: Assign courses for participants to complete anywhere- on desktop or mobile.
Player identifier: Identify the player behind the nickname
Reports: Track progress and identify knowledge gaps with Kahoot!’s powerful reports.

Tools to improve remote collaboration

Groups: Invite colleagues to a group and share kahoots for each other to host.
Team space: Build an organization-wide library of content in your team space.