The ‘hybrid workplace.’ There’s a whole lot of buzz surrounding the term right now – and it’s easy to see why. COVID-19 has completely reimagined the workplace, and even as the world slowly reopens, it’s clear that the pandemic will leave a lasting impact on how and where we work.

According to EY’s 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey, ​​90% of surveyed employees want flexibility in where they work, and 54% of respondents will consider quitting if they’re not afforded some form of workplace flexibility.

Employees all over the world clearly want to divide their time between working from the office, home, and other remote locations like co-working spaces. However, a recent survey by McKinsey & Company found that 68% of organizations don’t yet have a plan for their post-pandemic workplace. In short, many companies are sleepwalking toward an ill-thought-out workplace model that will ultimately see top talent leave, company culture suffer, and productivity drop.

How Kahoot! 360 helps companies create a hybrid workplace that works for everyone

Creating a successful hybrid workplace that suits both employees and employers is not as simple as mixing hot desking with video calls. Companies need a clear strategy to create a hybrid workplace model that makes everyone feel heard, valued, and involved – no matter if they work from home or the office. And Kahoot! 360 is helping organizations do just that and a whole lot more! With Kahoot! 360, organizations can:

  • Give every participant a platform to share their opinions in hybrid meetings
  • Build relationships between office-based and remote-first staff
  • Deliver the same high-quality training regardless of an employee’s location
  • Help new hires feel welcome and part of the company as soon as they join

Give every participant a platform to share their opinions in hybrid meetings

We’ve all sat through poorly facilitated meetings that left us feeling bored and frustrated. So, how do we make hybrid meetings engaging, productive, and, importantly, fair for all?

With Kahoot! 360’s interactive features, you can host meetings that engage and involve everyone. It doesn’t matter where colleagues attend the meeting. Whether they log in from their living room or attend in person, Kahoot! 360 levels the playing field, meaning everyone has an equal opportunity to share their opinions. Simply add polls, word clouds, open-ended questions, and brainstorms to your kahoot, and see how easy it is to kick-start conversations and give everyone a voice in hybrid meetings.

And the best part? You don’t even have to switch between Kahoot! and your slide deck! You have three time-saving options to create an engaging presentation that mixes slides and interactive questions:

  • Upload PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides directly into your kahoot and add question types between slides.
  • Create your slides directly on Kahoot!. You have 10 awesome presentation slide layouts to choose from.
  • Host a kahoot directly within PowerPoint, thanks to our powerful new integration.

Top tip: Host kahoots within Zoom and Microsoft Teams without leaving the video conferencing platform with our awesome integrations!

Build relationships between office-based and remote-first staff and strengthen company culture

How can you create an inclusive company culture and keep team spirits high with employees working from various locations? It’s one of the big challenges posed by a hybrid workplace and one that Kahoot! 360 helps companies solve.

So much of company culture and team spirit is built in those in-person chats between meetings and impromptu coffee and lunch breaks. Thanks to Kahoot! 360, you can boost team spirit and company culture through game-based sessions – even if everyone can’t be there in person. Through friendly competitive sessions that make knowledge stick, Kahoot! 360 helps colleagues connect and share moments – just like they would if they were in the same room.

Be a workplace hero with Kahoot! 360 Spirit

With Kahoot! 360 Spirit, every employee has a Kahoot! account, meaning anyone can create and host their own kahoots in meetings and access a company-wide library of awesome content. Kahoot! 360 Spirit empowers every employee to contribute to the company culture and become a workplace hero.

What’s more, companies can easily create enterprise-wide conversations with every employee through a Kahoot! wave (available with Kahoot! 360 Spirit). Check out this case study, and discover how one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations successfully communicated its 2021 strategy via a Kahoot! wave to 32,000 employees spread across the globe. Read more about implementing communication strategies with Kahoot!.

Deliver high-quality training regardless of an employee’s location

In a work setting, we tend to unconsciously favor those we can meet in person over those we only connect with remotely. This is known as ‘proximity bias,’ and companies have to take steps to create a level playing field where everyone feels included. With Kahoot! 360, not only can you give everyone the same voice in meetings, but you can ensure all employees have access to the same high level of training.

It’s easy to set up and deliver an engaging live training session for employees in a variety of locations thanks to our integrations with Zoom and Microsoft Teams. And, with our assessment question types and in-depth reports, you can test knowledge retention and identify knowledge gaps in no time.

Plus, you can assign employees stand-alone self-paced challenges and entire Kahoot! courses to complete at a time that suits them best. Employees, wherever they’re based, can also find training content in your organization’s personalized dashboard on Kahoot!.

Help new hires feel welcome as soon as they join

It can be daunting starting a new job – even more so when some or all of the onboarding happens remotely. With Kahoot! 360, you can make new hires feel at home as soon as they join.

Through game-based sessions, you can introduce products, processes, and people in a fun and engaging way. Assign new hires Kahoot! courses to play asynchronously, or host live kahoot sessions that a bunch of new hires can join remotely or in person.

Get ready for the hybrid workplace with Kahoot! 360

As we move into the future of work, having a well-defined hybrid workplace strategy is essential. Not only will it help boost employee satisfaction, but it can also be used as a source of competitive advantage when attracting new talent. Discover how Kahoot! 360 can help you master hybrid meetings, training sessions, onboarding, and more by contacting us today.

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