It all starts with a plan: Whether you’re aiming for record growth or improved training results – every success begins with a solid foundation. At this time of year, you’ll usually gather your team and brainstorm your way to a collection of actionable tasks – via a wall of post-it notes, of course. But what does a great planning workshop look like during times of home office and distributed teams? How can you plan for a successful 2021 via video calls? Step forward Kahoot!’s brainstorm experience, which is specially designed to create an environment where ideas thrive.

Turn great ideas into actionable tasks 

As we start 2021 working from home, hosting a structured remote workshop may seem like a tricky task. However, brainstorm provides a clearly defined structure for creating actionable tasks that improve business outcomes. 

Launched in December 2020, brainstorm is a digitized way for teams to collect, discuss, and vote on ideas. It’s a quick and engaging collaboration tool that surfaces the best ideas by bringing teams together and giving everyone a voice. Here’s a recap of how it works:

  1. Pose a question that sparks a discussion during a remote workshop 
  2. Get participants to submit up to three ideas 
  3. Discuss the ideas as a group 
  4. Ask participants to individually vote for their favorites 
  5. Review and share outcomes with stakeholders after the workshop

You can try a ready-made brainstorm for free by clicking here.

Give everyone a voice during remote workshops 

Teams consist of a wide variety of personalities – and great ideas can come from anyone at any time. Creating an environment where everyone feels valued and heard is at the heart of every good workshop – and that’s why brainstorm gives all participants an equal say in the ideation process. 

Your brainstorm question should be open-ended to encourage everyone to participate. For example:

  • How can we double our sales by the end of H1? 
  • Which feature release should we prioritize in Q1? 
  • How can we improve our reach on social media? 
  • How can we make our first virtual event a success?

Participants then have up to four minutes to submit their ideas, and there’s no time limit for the group discussion. After the ideas are submitted, group similar topics and let the ideas lead the conversation. This engages everyone in the call and provides each participant with a platform to explain their thinking and discuss key topics with their colleagues. You can even create a new brainstorm on the fly and further refine ideas if they require further workshopping.   

Build on brainstorms with audience participation features 

When creating a kahoot for a planning workshop, include one or two brainstorms or a mix of audience participation features, such as brainstorms, polls, word clouds, and open-ended questions. Including several question types will help you gather useful opinions as well as surface great ideas. For example, you can poll what participants think about certain business goals or potential product releases before brainstorming action points.

After a brainstorm, use Kahoot!’s audience participation features, such as open-ended questions and polls, to gather final thoughts and feedback on the action points and session as a whole. It will ensure everyone leaves the meeting with a clear understanding of what constitutes success in the coming weeks.

Easily review and share outcomes with stakeholders

A planning session is only as good as its outcomes. Brainstorming with Kahoot! is structured to highlight the best ideas that can be turned into action points. The anonymous voting functionality enables the best ideas to be quickly and objectively identified. Straight after the most popular ideas have been revealed is the perfect time to start outlining action points.

plan for success

Unlike traditional in-person sessions, you’re not left with piles of post-it notes to sift through post-workshop. Instead, with Kahoot! 360 Pro, all the ideas are stored in a report that you can revisit and share with stakeholders whenever you want. 

Are you hosting remote planning sessions? Remember, you can host kahoots on any video conferencing platform. For a seamless experience, host a kahoot via our Microsoft Teams integration. Read more.