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Why watch the Kahoot! WorkMeetup?

 Discover top internal communication tips from industry experts, including keynote speaker Joanne Bradford (Forbes Top 50 CMO and Ad Age 100 Most Influential Women in Advertising)

 Get inspired by how luxury hotel Villa Copenhagen uses Actimo to keep its workforce motivated and connected during months of lockdown

 Learn about the power of “unboring” content in a hybrid workforce with Kari Mette Solheim from TV 2 Norway and Lars-Petter Windelstad Kjos from Motimate

 Get a sneak peek of the ready-to-use, premium content that’s coming soon to Kahoot! Academy for Work

 Discover how Kahoot! 360 Spirit is transforming employee engagement and communication in a hybrid workplace

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The full line-up

10 am CDT/5 pm CEST

Welcome to the Kahoot! WorkMeetup

Eilert Hanoa

Join Eilert as he welcomes everyone to the Kahoot! WorkMeetup! Get insight into the latest product releases from the Kahoot! Group, and discover why internal communication is so important now that employees regularly work from home and the office.

10:15 am CDT/5:15 pm CEST

Communication secrets from Silicon Valley

Joanne Bradford, keynote speaker

How do high-growth businesses successfully communicate and engage with their entire workforce? Learn top tips and tricks from Joanne Bradford, who served as an executive at Honey (acquired by PayPal), Yahoo, Pinterest, and SoFi.


10:30 am CDT/5:30 pm CEST

How to create engaging communications in a hybrid world

James Micklethwait from Kahoot!

Join the Kahoot! team as they show you how to transform engagement and communication across your organization with Kahoot! 360 Spirit and Wave, a new solution for high-impact communications.

10:45 am CDT/5:45 pm CEST

Content is king: Take engagement in the workplace to new heights with premium content

Agnete Tøien Pedersen, Kahoot! Academy

Content is king when it comes to creating engagement and fun in training sessions. Learn how to access attention-grabbing, ready-to-use content from Kahoot! Academy at Work and premium partners like “Anger management with Angry Birds.”

11 am CDT/6 pm CEST

Communication in times of crisis

Peter Høgh Pedersen, Villa Copenhagen, and Andrew Tiscoe, Actimo

Hear how luxury hotel Villa Copenhagen used Actimo’s internal communication solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they managed to keep every employee motivated and connected during months of lockdown.


11:15 am CDT/6:15 pm CEST

Play Kahoot! + short break

Take part in the first kahoot session of the WorkMeetup! Answer questions on the previous sessions and take part in a brainstorm where you can submit topics and questions to ask during the panel discussion.

11:30 am CDT/6:30 pm CEST

How to break down language barriers and boost team development

Alexandra Burton, Drops

Language learning with Drops is bite-sized and on-demand! All it takes is 5-minutes a day, and with their new Workplace Talk, key business and workplace phrases will help facilitate communication amongst teams.

11:45 am CDT/6:45 pm CEST

Discover the importance of engaging and unboring content

Kari Mette Solheim, Senior Advisor in Organizational Development at TV 2 Norway, and Lars-Petter Windelstad Kjos, Motimate

Discover engaging and unboring content with Kari Mette Solheim, Senior Advisor in Organizational Development at TV 2 Norway, and Lars-Petter Windelstad Kjos, CPO at Motimate, as they take a deep dive into the neat and creative learning content TV 2 formats in Motimate.

12 pm CDT/7 pm CEST

Panel discussion: Communication

Join our panel of experts as they discuss key topics and provide actionable insight into the future of internal communications. Hear from Joanne Bradford (Honey, Yahoo, Pinterest, and SoFi), Andrew Tiscoe (Actimo), Peter Høgh Pedersen (Villa Copenhagen) and Lars-Petter Kjos (Motimate) as they discuss the future of internal communication with host James Micklethwait, VP of Kahoot! at work.

12:45 pm CDT/7:45 pm CEST

Final kahoot and tournament winners announced

Play the final kahoot of the WorkMeetup, and see if you finish on the podium! We’ll add the scores of the two kahoots together and award prizes to the top three participants.