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Kahoot! WorkSummit: Workplace culture

Watch a series of insightful talks on how to create an inclusive culture within a hybrid workplace that delivers results for your business.

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Why watch the virtual Kahoot! WorkSummit


Learn how to create an inclusive hybrid workplace culture

How do you build a strong culture in a hybrid workplace that drives better results? After all, so much of company culture happens during those small chats between meetings or impromptu coffee breaks. At the Kahoot! WorkSummit, you’ll discover how to create an inclusive workplace culture that connects everyone – no matter if your colleagues work remotely or in the office – with insights from Kahoot!’s 2021 Workplace Culture report.


Discover how to implement an engaging culture of learning and why it’s so important for a remote or hybrid workforce

Join talks from industry experts and discover why a comprehensive learning and development program is a crucial component of a successful hybrid workplace. You’ll gain fascinating insight into building high-quality training material that ensures office-based and remote-first staff have access to the same level of opportunities to advance their skill set.


Get actionable tips for building a strong company culture with non-desk workers

It’s often said that the non-desk workforce is the forgotten workforce. At the Kahoot! WorkSummit, you’ll learn how to create and foster a strong company culture that connects frontline employees – such as catering and facility management staff – with important updates, training, and wellbeing initiatives.


See how companies ace hybrid culture with Kahoot! and Actimo

The role of technology in building an inclusive company culture cannot be understated. That’s why experts from Kahoot! and Actimo will showcase brand-new and much-loved products at the Kahoot! WorkSummit. Join their sessions and see how you can use tech to change how you train, onboard, and communicate with employees.

Speaker line-up


5 minutes

Welcome to the Kahoot! WorkSummit

Evelien Jacobs and James Micklethwait

Join the Kahoot! at work team as they welcome everyone to the Kahoot! WorkSummit. They’ll reveal the findings of the Kahoot! 2021 Workplace Culture Report, which surveyed over 1,000 HR leaders and employees on the trends that will define the hybrid workplace.

Session-Images_WorkSummit_Osama and James

20 minutes

Building a culture of learning with Kahoot! 360 Spirit

Osama Hanif, Director of Product & James Micklethwait, VP of Kahoot! at work

The workplace is evolving quicker than ever before. So, how can you build a culture of learning in the hybrid workplace? Join Osama as he shares how you can bring your workforce together with Kahoot! 360 Spirit. Every employee can create and host kahoots to form social experiences that boost team spirit and learning outcomes.


30 minutes

How to overcome hybrid workplace challenges

Jill Duffy, journalist and author of The Everything Guide to Remote Work

The transition from a traditional office model to hybrid workspaces is not always easy. Jill Duffy will deliver expert insights into the strategies and approaches required to successfully implement a fair and inclusive hybrid workplace that makes the most of the talent at your disposal. She’ll highlight some of the most common challenges posed by hybrid workplaces and how organizations can successfully overcome them.

Keynote talk


15 minutes

Become a Verified creator and sell your content on Kahoot! Academy

Agnete Pedersen, Director of Kahoot! Academy

Leverage a new kind of content marketing for lead generation and brand visibility. Join Agnete Pedersen for the global launch of our brand new concept for Kahoot! at Work, Verified consultant profiles. Discover how professional consultants and trainers can create, promote, and sell content to a captive worldwide audience on Kahoot! Academy.. Plus, get insight into all Kahoot! Academy’s high-quality ready-to-play content from big-name brands including Star Wars that’ll boost team spirit.


15 minutes

Boost culture through remote social initiatives

Walter Zepeda, COO of Actimo America

Connect every employee and enable remote social initiatives with Actimo. In this session, Walter talks about why socialising is a culture pillar and how to inspire your workforce.

James-Dan-WorkSummit-Sep2021 (1)

30 minutes

Why collaboration tech will be key to unlocking success in the hybrid workplace

Dan Schawbel, Workplace Intelligence and James Micklethwait, Kahoot!

Most of us agree that the hybrid workplace isn’t a concept somewhere off in the distant future: it’s happening now. But how is it happening, what are the expectations, and how do employees and HR professionals feel about this new way of working? Join Dan and James as they discuss the findings from Kahoot!’s new 2021 Workplace Culture Report in collaboration with Workplace Intelligence.


15 minutes

Do you speak the same language?

Alexandra Burton, VP of Marketing at Drops

How can global teams build cultural connections through language learning? Join Shreya and Irma s from Drops, the leading language learning app, and part of the Kahoot! family, to discover how to better connect distributed and hybrid teams through shared, immersive experiences with language learning. Learn how the balance between work independence and inclusivity is key to employee well-being, and how creating shared social learning experiences can bring teams together.


30 minutes

Hybrid culture: adapting as the workforce of the future

Audrey Camp, Director of Internal Communication and Culture at Cognite

Why is employee engagement so vital in the new hybrid world of work? COVID-19 has changed every aspect of the workplace – including how best to connect and engage with employees. Join Audrey as she delves into the critical emotional intelligence skills and emerging nuances of people management that business leaders will need to focus on in a post-Covid world. Learn why effective employee engagement in hybrid teams requires leaders to go beyond simply selecting the right collaboration or productivity tools required.

Keynote talk

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Kahoot! WorkSummit - Workplace culture - Speaker

Essential viewing for L&D teams, HR professionals, and team leads

L&D teams, HR professionals, and team leads are especially encouraged to attend and take part in valuable discussions on hybrid working trends and strategies. They’ll learn how to best engage a team that works from the office and from home. IT professionals that attend will also discover to effectively support L&D teams in implementing Kahoot! at scale.

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