Onboard employees in a stress-free and fun way!

Probably the hardest part of any new job is getting started. So make it fun and stress-free for your new hires! Playing Kahoot! is an easy and memorable way to kick off their journey.


6 reasons to add Kahoot! to your onboarding training

It's easy

Some things might be confusing for newcomers on their first day, but certainly not the part when you join a Kahoot! quiz. Have a phone? You’re good! Get ready to play and have a good time. In addition to making practical content stick, Kahoot! helps employees connect, boosts morale, and builds a positive, playful organizational culture. Did we mention it is also really easy?

It’s fun!

Want to make sure your onboarding content isn’t seen as a formal and not-so-exciting routine? Then liven it up with games and make it an experience to remember!. When you package complex content in an interactive quiz, it becomes easier to digest and remember. Besides, the competitive part adds extra motivation. Who says learning what you need to learn can’t be fun?

Bite-size chunks of knowledge

Ideally work should be like life: Stress-free! Make it easy to understand, discuss and start conversations about challenging topics in the workplace with Kahoot!. It’s up to you how your structure your quiz, but your new employees will certainly appreciate that info comes in bite-size chunks, rather than hour-long reads. Remember to add images, video and a healthy dose of humor!

Build a positive working culture

Playing Kahoot! together breaks the ice, sparks a conversation and helps your team connect. This social aspect is just as important as delivering all the important content. You can use it as a simple, quick and fun teambuilding activity.

Onboard from anywhere

With Kahoot!, you just need a phone or computer, an internet connection and an active mind to play! Run onboarding sessions across multiple countries and offices, without having to worry about any scheduling and tech setup hassle. Just make a great Kahoot!, plug it in, and GO!

When it’s fun, it’s easy to remember

Complex subject material can challenge the most focused of participants. Spice things up and help them learn important information in a fun way. Forget a test, Kahoot! it off to see who is the best!

How other companies use Kahoot! for onboarding

Employee orientation

Make their first day a blast! HR folks already use Kahoot! to help new employees ease their way into the new role and environment. By the way, according to research, good orientation programs improve employee retention by 25%. We think that a team that plays together stays together!

Onboarding training

Facts, figures, names, faces, slides, PDFs, videos – 🤯 it’s a whole lot to remember! Try to avoid packing too much info on your new employees’ first day. You can repackage the same content into quizzes! You can even assign them as Kahoot! mobile challenges, so that people can play it in their own time, at their own pace.

Introducing newcomers

Here’s another scenario that many companies (including us at Kahoot!) use for onboarding: flip the roles and encourage newcomers to create and host their own kahoots to introduce themselves. We call them “selfie kahoots”.

Breaking the ice

Nothing makes a new employee feel like a part of their new team than playing a fun Kahoot! ice-breaker on their first day! No tension – only a warm welcome! A team that plays together stays together, so give your latest new hire an experience that will stay with them throughout their journey in your company.

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Hero features in Kahoot! for business

Starting from $10 per user/month, you’ll get access to these features in Kahoot! Plus, Pro or Premium for business:

  • Essential features for creating, playing and sharing games
  • Import kahoots from spreadsheets
  • Co-create and edit games with other trainers in a private team space
  • Organize kahoots into folders by topic, training segment, etc.
  • Access customizable game templates
  • Assign mobile challenges for remote and virtual training
  • View and share advanced reports
  • Make your kahoots more engaging with images from our premium image library (Kahoot! Pro and Premium)
  • Add custom branding to your kahoots