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Life-long learning is the new normal, but how can you learn effectively?
In this two-part masterclass, Olav Schewe will delve into the neuroscience of learning and explain:

 What you can do to learn faster and with less frustration

 How to maximize your brain’s processor to quickly grasp difficult concepts

 How to teach and present information in a way that helps others quickly understand key ideas

 How information is stored, and what you can do to make sure it sticks

 What happens in the brain during learning

Olav Schewe is a learning expert and author of two books on learning, including the newly released book Learn Like a Pro, written with New York Times bestselling author Dr. Barbara Oakley. Olav is passionate about how insights from neuroscience and cognitive psychology can help others improve the way they learn. He is also the producer of edX Learn Like a Pro Online Course and a documentary on how to learn Spanish within a month.

The two classes will cover different topics and although they complement each other, you do not need to have participated in Part 1 in order to participate in Part 2.

Learn like a pro - Part 1
Learn like a pro - Part 2