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Kahoot! for All

Celebrating Neurodiversity

The Kahoot! for All project, funded by the LEGO Foundation with a grant awarded in 2022, creates opportunities for learning through play with neurodiverse learners in mind.

We are doing this by designing more inclusive learning experiences on the Kahoot! platform, and by offering a collection of kahoots and courses called Uniting Minds, that educate about what neurodiversity is and how to support neurodivergent learners.

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At Kahoot!, we believe in the power of play and the importance of creating an environment where everyone feels valued and included.

As we introduce new ways to play on our platform that promote inclusivity and celebrate the unique strengths of every learner, we are also working to raise awareness about neurodiversity and provide a model for inclusive design approaches in edtech.

What is Neurodiversity for Kahoot!

Neurodiversity is all about understanding and celebrating the many different ways people experience and see the world. It includes how we learn at school, work, and connect with others.

At Kahoot!, we believe that understanding and supporting neurodivergent students is essential for creating an inclusive learning environment.


Smiling mother looking at autistic son watching video over laptop while sitting in living room

Here are some kahoots on neurodiversity & inclusion!

We're excited to support you in creating inclusive classrooms that celebrate the diverse minds of your students so we have created some lesson plans here!

Check out these key ideas from the neurodiversity movement that can help guide your teaching approach:


Understanding that individuals on the autism spectrum are unique and don’t need fixing or curing.

Moving away from using words like “disease” or “disorder” when discussing autism.

Embracing a broader definition of “normal” or “okay” behavior, valuing and respecting differences.

Recognizing that neurodivergent individuals possess unique strengths, talents, and perspectives that contribute to the richness of our society.

    By understanding neurodivergent experiences and implementing inclusive practices, we can create a classroom environment that empowers every student to thrive. Let’s celebrate the beautiful diversity of minds and create a space where all students can learn, grow, and succeed.

    Design for Inclusion

    We believe that inclusivity is the key to creating effective educational technology that meets the needs of all learners.

    Methods like co-design are all about ensuring that our digital tools and experiences are accessible, engaging, and meaningful for everyone. It involves actively involving students, educators, and other stakeholders in the design process to ensure that the resulting products are truly inclusive and meet the diverse needs of the users.

    By embracing inclusive design and utilizing the co-design method, we can create edtech solutions that empower learners of all backgrounds and abilities.


    Wanting to learn more about neurodiversity and inclusive design?

    Here are some resources that we have created and collected over the course of this project that we recommend.


    Designing Inclusive Playful Learning Experiences

    A panel discussion from SXSW EDU 2023


    Access recording
    Panel discussion_ Empowering a neurodiverse classroom

    Empowering a neurodiverse classroom

    A panel discussion from the Kahoot! EDU Spring Meetup 2023


    Access recording

    Ways to make your kahoots more accessible

    Get tips by playing this kahoot!



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