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Kahoot! for All

Celebrating Neurodiversity

At Kahoot!, we believe in the power of play and the importance of creating an environment where everyone feels valued and included.

The Kahoot! For All project, funded by the LEGO Foundation with a grant awarded in 2022, is aimed at raising awareness about neurodiversity and providing a model for inclusive design approaches in EdTech, making learning accessible to all students in and out of the classroom.

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White paper: Designing for inclusion, designing for all

A mindset shift and practical approaches to further your journey toward inclusive design in EdTech.
With a foreword by CAST’s David Rose

Inclusive design is both a mindset and a set of approaches that can be used to create learning experiences that are flexible and adaptable. It doesn’t mean catering to any one diagnosis or way of thinking; rather, it means designing so that everyone can engage with the experience in the way they learn best. In short, designing for neurodivergent learners means better learning for all.

This white paper presents a set of methods that any product design team can start using to make their process and product more inclusive. Along the way we share case studies from our own journey creating Kahoot! Sparks, as well as from other organizations in the LEGO Play for All cohort.

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How you can support inclusive learning

Check out these tools to better understand diverse learners and create inclusive learning experiences.

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Uniting Minds

Learn about neurodiversity and teach others how they can support all types of learners in the classroom.

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Kahoot! Sparks

Explore this new approach to interactive learning designed with neurodiversity in mind.

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Designing for inclusion, designing for all

Read about our inclusive design journey with The Lego Foundation that led to Kahoot! for All.

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What does Neurodiversity mean to us?

Understanding neurodivergent experiences

Neurodiversity is all about understanding and celebrating the many different ways people experience and see the world. It includes how we learn at school or work, and how we connect with others.

At Kahoot!, we believe that understanding and supporting neurodivergent students is essential for creating an inclusive learning environment.


Smiling mother looking at autistic son watching video over laptop while sitting in living room

Key ideas to help guide your teaching approach

Let’s celebrate the beautiful diversity of minds and create a space where all students can learn, grow, and succeed by recognizing that:

  • Being neurodivergent does not mean that a student is any less smart than their neurotypical peers, but they may need different support to be able to access learning equitably.
  • Neurodivergent individuals possess unique strengths, talents, and perspectives that contribute to the richness of our society.
  • Inclusive classrooms embrace a broader definition of “normal” or “okay” behavior, that values and respects differences
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Uniting Minds

Learn more about neurodiversity and inclusion

Explore our collection of kahoots and courses to better understand and support neurodivergent learners in the classroom and at home. These resources feature first-hand neurodivergent experiences and were created in collaboration with our partners at Invest in Play, Social Cipher, and Mom’s Belief.

Kahoot! Sparks

Provide a platform for creative expression

Created as an alternative to the classic quiz format, Kahoot! Sparks gives all learners the opportunity to express their ideas, making creative expression fun and accessible! Spark prompts allow students to choose if they want to type or draw their responses and give students the opportunity to co-create, as they are encouraged to add to their classmates’ creations.

Get Kahoot! Sparks with a Kahoot! EDU site-wide license to empower your entire school or district with our all-inclusive student engagement tool.

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Want to learn more about neurodiversity and inclusive design?

Here are some recommended resources that we have created and collected throughout this project.


Designing Inclusive Playful Learning Experiences

A panel discussion from SXSW EDU 2023


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Panel discussion_ Empowering a neurodiverse classroom

Empowering a neurodiverse classroom

A panel discussion from the Kahoot! EDU Spring Meetup 2023


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Ways to make your kahoots more accessible

Get tips by playing this kahoot!



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