Creative ideation in a fun, flexible format – early access available only on Kahoot! EDU.

Introducing Kahoot! Sparks, a brand-new teaching tool on the Kahoot! platform that stirs imagination while developing future-ready skills in every learner! Sparks is an instructional activity where educators prompt students with a creative challenge to develop solutions called ‘Sparks.’ Once a spark is created, it guides students through the process of sharing them with peers, remixing them into new innovations, and celebrating the merits of each idea together in class. Designed to be flexible and inclusive for all learners, Sparks cultivates skills such as creative confidence, divergent thinking, and evaluation. It encourages student voice and self-expression, sparking lots of laughter too!

How to play Sparks:
1. Log in or sign up for a Kahoot! Account.
2. Go to the Sparks product page
3. Choose a ready-made template or create your own
4. Continue playing with a Kahoot! EDU subscription

GIF showing several screenshots of Kahoot! Sparks

How does Sparks work?

  • Each Sparks session centers on a creative challenge, anything from “invent a new toy” to “design an initiative to improve your school.”
  • Before tackling that though, students are first asked to generate ideas called ‘Sparks’ that act as inspiration for others. For instance, “share an emotion word,” “draw a fun shape,” or “name a place in your school.” Students can write a word or draw a quick sketch, and there can be up to three idea spark prompts.
  • Next, all those idea sparks are mixed up randomly and handed back out to students so each person gets one set.
  • Students use this set of sparks as inspiration for the creative challenge, “sparking” them to think outside the box, coming up with awesome ideas they wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • Finally, students can browse all the ideas of their peers, and are asked to recognize the value of each. This step has them engage in critical thinking by prompting them to identify what is good about each idea. In this way, it also makes a celebration of all the wonderful ideas!
  • After this experience, teachers can facilitate conversation about how the ideas relate to content or skills in their class, and they can extend the learning by having students flesh out the ideas further, or actually build or execute them.


Customizable to subject areas and core competencies

Educators can create their own Sparks experiences by customizing the creative challenge and set of spark prompts, or they can use ready-made templates.

  • Sparks experiences can be tailored to a wide variety of subject areas to connect to content knowledge and broader concepts.
  • Sparks experiences can also be aligned with SEL topics, project-based learning units, and skills like creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.
  • Sparks experiences can be used as a warmup, project starter, application of knowledge, assessment of learning, and much more!
  • Many concepts and skills that don’t fit with a traditional quiz or test format can be taught with the open-ended format of Sparks.

An example of inclusive design in EdTech

The Sparks tool is part of the larger Kahoot! for All project—an initiative to foster conversations about neurodiversity and create EdTech that is inclusive of all learners. Some of the things that make it inclusive for neurodivergent learners and all students are:

  • Multiple means of expression and student voice – students can choose to type or draw, whatever is most comfortable for them to express their ideas
  • Pathways to success – there is no one right answer in Sparks, rather it asks students to recognize the diverse ways an idea can be great
  • Scaffolded experience – students start with small, low-stakes ideas, that build up into something bigger, providing an open-ended but guided environment


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Creative ideation is an inclusive and enjoyable method for teachers to empower each student’s development in confidence, collaboration, and communication skills in every learner and classroom.

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