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Celebrate math with interactive activities from Kahoot! and DragonBox

Math teachers, we know you celebrate math every day, not just on Pi Day! That’s why we have a special treat for you – brand new courses, including activity guides and kahoots, from the math experts from DragonBox and Kahoot!.

Pi Day is the perfect day to introduce some playful mathematical exploration & problem solving to your classroom! Throughout history, Pi has piqued the curiosity of mathematicians and tested their passion and perseverance: famous mathematicians, even physicist Isaac Newton, gave the approximation of Pi a go! 

The search for Pi shows what math is all about: it’s playful and explorative problem solving at its best, and so much more than memorizing facts and formulas! Explore this collection of Pi Day warm-up activities and kahoots or dive into some deeper math explorations with recommendations from DragonBox below.

Learn using digital math manipulatives

Learn math the fun way with Math Labs – digital math manipulatives directly inside the Kahoot! platform! In Math Labs there is no time pressure or fear of failure: it is an important part of play that kids can try and fail without negative consequences. Open problems allow students to find several solutions. For example, “What are different ways to make 10?” and “Which strategies can help you to solve 5 x 18?” Explore different solutions, make connections between operations and numbers and visualize students’ strategies.

Try out ready-to-teach templates with Nooms or with Multiplication Arrays by starting a live session and projecting the mini-lesson to your students. When you are in a Math Lab, you can ask students to join with their own devices through a pin or a QR code: click the “Join” button inside the Math Lab. Gather student ideas and highlight different strategies together.

Explore numbers up to 10 with Nooms!

Build number sense, and explore and decompose numbers up to 10 with DragonBox’s Nooms! Try out mini-lessons that include stories, kahoots, discussion questions and more all about numbers up to 10. You can learn about the number 1 in this free interactive course and continue your exploration of the number 2, become an expert on number 3 and read all about number 4 in supporting mini-lessons from Kahoot!+ AccessPass. All of the lessons combine math exploration and social emotional learning skills with Nooms, which are interactive color rods that bring fun into math: students can combine and slice the rods and look inside them with an x-ray. 

Discover arrays with Math Labs

There’s nothing like using arrays to help students see connections between operations and get a deeper understanding of multiplication! Introduce a new way to deepen students’ multiplicative understanding by posing a problem, having them search for different ways to solve it and then share efficient (or simply just fun) strategies together. Try out one of these courses with your students right away:  

Whether you’re celebrating Pi Day or celebrating math every day, Kahoot! and DragonBox hope to support you in making learning math fun!

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