Kahoot! 360 for training

Create, deliver, and track engaging training

  • Deliver blended learning experiences across your organization with Kahoot! 360
  • Increase engagement and results with game-based training on any topic
  • Assign courses for learners to complete anywhere, anytime – on desktop or mobile
  • Identify the learner behind the nickname and track progress with powerful reports
  • Allow employees to take control of their training and development, wherever they’re located


Supercharge engagement with Kahoot! 360's versatile blended learning solutions

In-person instructor-led training

Engage and energize trainees in a live in-person setting by hosting kahoots that spark discussions, boost knowledge retention, and increase learning outcomes.

Virtual instructor-led training

Keep hybrid teams connected and up to date with their training by hosting live kahoots over the video conferencing platform of your choice.

Self-paced mobile learning

Meet the needs of the modern-day workforce by assigning self-paced courses that match your employees’ mobile learning habits.

Why use Kahoot! 360 for training?

 Test understanding with assessment question types, such as true/false, puzzle, and type answer

 Create interactive presentations by adding slides or importing a presentation and including question types

 Spark discussions and collect feedback with audience participation features like polls and brainstorm

 Host live kahoots via any video conferencing tool, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams

 Extend engagement beyond live sessions with mobile learning solutions like self-paced kahoots and courses

 Link a series of self-paced kahoots to create training courses

 Assign courses via email for learners to complete anywhere, anytime

 Boost course completion rates by sending automatic reminders (coming soon!)

In-person instructor-led training with Kahoot!

Transform in-person instructor-led training sessions into game-based learning experiences that keep every participant engaged and energized.

With intuitive question types like puzzles and polls at your fingertips, you can create interactive training material that sparks discussion, boosts focus, and improves knowledge retention – no matter the subject.

Virtual instructor-led training with Kahoot!

Trainers around the world use Kahoot! to ensure distributed teams stay connected, engaged, and motivated during virtual instructor-led training.

With Kahoot!’s interactive features and integrations, it’s easy to deliver impactful training sessions via any video conferencing platform. Simply share your screen and host your kahoot so learners can keep their development on track. Read more about Kahoot!’s integration Microsoft Teams.

Mobile learning with courses

Deliver on-the-go learning across your organization by creating and assigning self-paced courses for employees to play anywhere, anytime – on desktop or mobile. Link a series of self-paced challenges to create a course, assign it via email, and send reminders to boost completion rates.

Additionally, empower employees to take control of their training and development by sending individual self-paced challenges for learners to complete at their convenience.

Get actionable insights with Kahoot! reports

Track progress, identify knowledge gaps, and get actionable insights with Kahoot!’s powerful reports. No matter how you play kahoot, you can access a detailed report that’s packed with analytics to support insight-driven instruction.

Get real-time feedback on audience responses, identify the player behind the nickname, and track participation and completion rates – all in one easy-to-navigate report.

Gamify your organization's training

No matter the topic, you can create and deliver training that keeps everyone engaged and energized. Here are three examples!

Sales training

 Create kahoots that help sales teams fully understand the product

 Spark discussions and share best practices with polls, brainstorms, and open-ended questions

 Create a Kahoot! tournament and use the player identifier feature to track performance

Product training

 Keep employees up to date with the latest product releases and changes

 Present content on slides and test knowledge retention with assessment question types

 Track results in reports and address knowledge gaps of specific employees

Compliance training

 Make complex topics easier to understand with Kahoot!

 Use a mix of question types to increase knowledge of complex processes and policies

 Create courses and send reminders to ensure a high completion rate for mandatory training

Create and deliver engaging training with these key features:

Player identifier

Polling and discussion question types
Self-paced challenges
Live kahoots

Coming soon: Upload external content to a training course
Coming soon: Assign training courses to groups of learners
Coming soon: Send automatic reminders to trainees to increase completion rates



Recommended plans

Kahoot! 360 Pro
$59 per host
per month
$708 billed annually

The ultimate plan for training and large-scale events

  • Up to 2000 participants per session
  • Everything in Kahoot! 360 Presenter
  • Assign training courses
  • Identify participants and track progress
  • Gather open-ended feedback
Kahoot! 360 Pro
for Teams
Save 34% per license with a team plan
$39 per host
per month
$468 billed annually

Work as a team on engaging content for training and large-scale events:

  • Up to 2000 participants per session
  • Everything in Kahoot! 360 Presenter
  • Assign training courses
  • Identify participants and track progress
  • Gather open-ended feedback

Minimum 3 licenses

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How to get started with Kahoot!

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