E-learning with Kahoot!

How to use Kahoot! to learn and present remotely

These days, more and more companies around the world transition to working from home. Learn how Kahoot! can keep remote teams connected over video conferencing and enable self-paced learning in teams of any size.

E-learning features are included in all our plans for business.

Host kahoots live over video conference in meetings and virtual events

Connect all teams, engage via video conference and webinar, and deliver cost-efficient learning - even from home!

Find the kahoot you want to host, and start a video conference or webinar

Click Play and Host live to launch the kahoot, and share your screen

Learners view the questions via screen share and join with a second device to answer

Kahoot! can be used with any video conferencing tool

Watch how Guild Mortgage host kahoots remotely via video conference

Learn remotely with self-paced kahoots

Deliver convenient e-learning at the participants’ own pace. Recommended for teams working in different time zones or even entire organizations.

Find a relevant kahoot, click Play, choose Create challenge and set a deadline

Invite players by copying the challenge URL or PIN and share with learners – e.g. by email, LMS or messenger

Learners complete the challenge at their own pace, and view both questions and answers on their device.

Review the final leaderboard when all participants have finished playing.

"Having the ability to send a Kahoot! challenge to sales reps, service technicians, and dealers who are thousands of miles apart makes Kahoot! an invaluable way to educate and get feedback."
Richard "Bo" Bodo, Kärcher
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How to send self-paced challenges


Try out a Kahoot! challenge for yourself.

Play our kahoot about remote work.

Identify learners in your sessions to track progress

With our player identifier feature (part of Kahoot! 360), you can request the email address of everyone who played your live game or challenge. This allows you to track their progress over time and assess impact of your e-learning activity.

Kahoot! 360 Plus

Host training sessions and interactive presentations for up to 100 players.

Best for small teams

per host/month
($480 billed annually)

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