Kahoot! for

Virtual and in-person events

Maximize engagement for audiences of any size by gamifying your entire event, with our one-time event plans.

  • Ensure your audience remembers the key points
  • Get professional onboarding support
  • No app, download or integration required
  • Access premade content for your event


Maximize audience engagement

Maintain audience focus and energy, and deliver key points with our game-based audience participation features such as word cloud, open ended questions, and polls.

Incentivize attendance throughout

Boost excitement and participation with competitive tournaments – combine scores from multiple kahoot sessions, and present the winners on a final podium.

Professional onboarding, support, and pre-made content available

Get professional, support to deliver the ultimate event experience, no matter the size or duration. Save time at your next virtual happy hour, trivia, or team building session by choosing from our pre-made, ready-to-host kahoots

Works easily with existing tools

No technical setup, app or integration needed, simply use Kahoot! with your chosen event or video conference platform via screen sharing.


"In our virtual trivia event, Kahoot! was user-friendly, and allowed us to create an environment for our employees to feel connected while working from home."

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Choose from our one-time event plans!

Kahoot! Event Bronze

Host one event for up to
100 attendees, and access basic audience interaction features.

Designed for small events

to host an unlimited number of kahoots at one event


Have an active Kahoot! subscription and want to increase your player limit for a large, one off event?

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Product training Olympics: Hologic makes their sales kick-off a success with Kahoot!

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Top soccer club, Vålerenga Fotball, in Norway doubled fan engagement with a Kahoot! tournament

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Read the top tips guide for hosting Kahoot! at a large event.

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Watch the on-demand webinar to get a full overview of features.

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Watch the tutorial on how you can create a Kahoot! Tournament

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Frequently asked questions

What do I need to run Kahoot! during my virtual event?

Kahoot! runs in your web browser and you will need a subscription from kahoot.com to get started. Once you are ready to host a game, all you have to do is share your screen on a video call to show your Kahoot! game to the audience. Participants will need a second device to log in with the Kahoot! PIN and join the game. You will need a PC or Mac with an updated web browser, a stable, high-speed, wired internet connection, a Kahoot! subscription and a video conferencing system to host a game of Kahoot! virtually. Participants will need one device to follow the video conference and a second device to join the Kahoot! game and play.

How does Kahoot! work for virtual events?

Kahoot! works with any video conferencing system – you simply share your screen, show the audience the game PIN and they can log in. Participants can play for free at www.kahoot.it on their phones or in the Kahoot! iOS or Android app.

Can I use Kahoot! throughout the entire event?

Yes you can, but you should break it up into multiple rounds of 4-10 minutes each. Once your participants have logged in, they want to finish the round and get to the podium within about 5 minutes. With Player ID you can combine scores from all the games and create a tournament podium on the final day of your event.

Can I send out the PIN the week before the event?

No, the PIN is generated once everyone is ready to log in and is unique to every round. As long as all the participants can see the shared Kahoot! screen, they will be able to play.

Can I use Kahoot! in languages other than English?

Yes! You can write questions and answers in any language to create a native language experience for participants. With the Kahoot! iOS or Android app, you can play, create, host kahoots and assign self-paced challenges in Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Norwegian. More languages are coming soon to our apps and website!

How long can a one-time event last?

Your one-time Kahoot! Event plan is active for 3 months. During these 3 months you can enjoy all the features of your plan and test the games with up to 20 players. During the event week, you can host games with up to 100 (bronze) or 2,000 (silver and gold) participants. If you are using your plan for multiple event weeks, we will charge you accordingly.

What happens after my event?

If you don’t have an existing Kahoot! subscription, after the 3 month period around your event ends, you’ll have the chance to upgrade to an annual subscription. If you opt out, you will still be able to access your Kahoot! account and kahoots you’ve created with our Kahoot! Basic subscription.

What is “player identifier” and a “tournament”?

With a Silver or Gold plan, you can identify participants over multiple kahoots. Players are asked to enter their email address (or a custom identifier of your choosing) when they join your kahoot.

A tournament allows you to combine scores from multiple kahoots across your event into a final leaderboard and podium. Great for keeping engagement high throughout your entire event and finishing on a high note! We recommend handing out prizes for the final winners as an extra incentive!