Kahoot! 360

Kahoot! Courses: The next generation of training


Create and deliver engaging training courses in minutes, with Kahoot! 360’s versatile blended learning solution. Combine instructor-led training with self-paced mobile learning to supercharge engagement and allow employees to take control over their own learning, wherever they are located.

Easily create great training courses optimised for mobile

Deliver bite-sized training on any topic, no matter where your employees are. Create and assign self-paced training courses to individuals or groups, allowing them to access content at their convenience.

The best learner experience for all team members

Learners can participate in training courses containing multiple content formats (coming soon!), without requiring a Kahoot! account. These can be easily accessed via a web browser, but for the best learner experience we recommend the Kahoot! mobile app – including a course overview and for the best microlearning experience.

Increase participation rates

Once you assign a course to an individual’s email address, our platform will automatically remind them to complete the course, increasing the participation rate.

Create and assign Kahoot! Courses with Kahoot! 360 Pro

“Using Kahoot! added a lot of value, as we could find out exactly what our sales reps had learned.”
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“Kahoot! really helped with organic interaction amongst employees”