Kahoot! 360

Create, deliver and track engaging training on any topic


Kahoot! 360 empowers all trainees to contribute to their own learning. Trainers, Learning & Development teams, and Subject-matter experts can create standalone or courses of learning content on any topic, and deliver it to individuals or groups in a highly interactive way to ensure constant engagement and knowledge retention.

Research shows that around 20% of workplace learning is through “discourse” – i.e. learning through interaction with others. Learning & development teams no longer have the sole responsibility for learning at work – all employees have a part to play, and should be empowered to take control of their own learning.

Deliver training live or asynchronously, in-person or virtually. The ability to track the performance of participants, not only individually, but also across teams and over time, allows trainers to analyze progress and be able to target and adapt training for better retention.

Highly engaging training for teams of any size

Create a memorable experience for audiences of up to 2,000 people with interactive quizzes, polls, word clouds, open-ended questions, and more.

Train remotely or in-person

Import slides and combine with audience participation features for a truly interactive learning experience. Share your screen with a video conferencing tool so trainees can join and answer on their mobile devices wherever they are.

Assess learning impact company-wide

Measure completion rate, accuracy, and progress of employees for a single training or a series of sessions, with our player identifier feature and insight reports. Coming soon: Organization-level reporting.

E-learning at scale

Help employees complete important training when it best suits them by assigning self-paced kahoots – one customer at a large financial services company sent a self-paced kahoot to 8,500 employees!

Coming soon: Learner experience hub

Trainees can conveniently access learning resources and their assigned courses in their own learning hub in the Kahoot! platform.

Coming soon: Training groups and courses

Create a course of learning content with the ability to upload external content. Identify a specific group of learners and assign targeted training to them – standalone sessions or courses. Trainees will receive regular reminders to complete their training, boosting completion rate!

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Sales training

 Engage Sales teams – both co-located and distributed – with CRM training that motivates and engages

 Facilitate friendly and exciting competition – Sales teams are known to be competitive!

 Achieve maximum engagement in all training sessions, no matter the content

Product training

 Keep employees up to date with the latest product information in an effective and engaging way

 Nurture competitiveness amongst trainees with team and company-wide tournaments, celebrating top performers

 Track trainee performance over time and create tailored action plans in order to improve the product knowledge of specific employees

Compliance training

 Make difficult and heavy topics for digestible and engaging

 Help retain knowledge on complex processes and policies

 Ensure a high completion rate for mandatory training

Empower all trainees to participate in engaging learning experiences Kahoot! 360 offers the following benefits:

  • Deliver training in-person or virtually with ease
  • Identify trainees to pinpoint performance issues and target instruction
  • Present learning impact to key stakeholders with advanced insight reports
  • Empower trainees to contribute to training content creation (license required)
  • Trainees can access company-wide learning content and resources, as well as participate in training sessions, with no license required!
  • Create and publish training content
  • Licensed employees have access to advanced functionality e.g. interactive presentations
  • Every employee can access Team and company wide learning resources via the Kahoot! app
  • A fully learner-centric experience, with learners able to log in and view all assigned trainings, as well as discover other relevant content
  • Organizational-level reporting – month by month breakdown of key usage metrics in Kahoot!
  • Federated Identity Management (FIM) solution and Single sign-on to track learning activity
  • Create full training courses with combined leaderboards
  • Coming soon: Upload external content to a training course
  • Coming soon: Assign training courses to groups of learners
  • Coming soon: Send automatic reminders to trainees to increase completion rate

Organization-level security

At Kahoot!, we want to ensure you have security, privacy and control over your content, data and learning experience. We practice the following security measures:

  • Aligned with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European Union privacy law
  • Secure user management and full control over visibility of your content and game analytics
  • Easy deployment with a universal license key that can be shared with multiple employees at a time. Single sign-on to track learning activity
"For sales people it’s the competition that makes it even more exciting: they’re very competitive and everyone wants to get to the podium!"
Gerardo Díaz Santos, Senior Manager of Customer Experience Design, Scotiabank
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"Kahoot! gave us an easier way to teach and personalize content to different groups...The trainer instantly knows what people understand and what they don't, helping us improve our content."
Emily Zachariasen, National Sales Training Manager, Guild Mortgage
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How to get started with Kahoot!

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