Kahoot! Pro

Create impactful training content with advanced question types, promote your products and services using interactive games and play Kahoot! outside your company!


Kahoot! Pro unlocks superpowers when you...

Promote your products and services

Make your product shine! With Kahoot! Pro, you can create and play quizzes that will help market and sell your products.

Plan customer events

A splash of fun, a dash of competition – make your events with customers, prospects and partners stand out!

Present outside your company

Presenting outside your company, for example, at a conference? Make it interactive and memorable for all participants by adding a Kahoot! quiz!

Run external training

Boring training? Never again! Whether you’re training your employees or external participants, Kahoot! Pro will help you make your session fun.

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Join millions of office superheroes

They're already using Kahoot! in training sessions, presentations and events - and they're having fun!

What you get with Kahoot! Pro

Unlock advanced game creation features, such as slides, polls and image library, and play Kahoot! with customers, prospects and partners.

All essential features for creating and playing games

Create and host Kahoot! games (e.g., quizzes) to maximize engagement in any setting. The topic, format and number of questions are entirely up to you! You can also search from millions of public kahoots on any topic, duplicate and edit games to fit your needs.

Kahoot! for businesses - Get the essential features

NEW: Advanced question and content types

Increase learning impact by creating advanced learning and training games. Adding slides with video, images and text between quiz questions will power up your games for training and presentations, as well as help you create standalone content for remote training. Add poll questions to your quiz for real-time feedback, or to gather data about your audience in an engaging way.

K! Pro new creator features

Get a license to play Kahoot! in external events

With Kahoot! Pro, you can play with customers, prospects and partners. Promote your products and services, showcase your company in a quiz and turn your events into interactive game shows that will keep everyone engaged and having fun!

Kahoot! for businesses - Play Kahoot! at external events

Organize kahoots into folders

Structure your kahoots in folders and subfolders by topic, department, location or any other criteria, which will make it easier to find relevant content even when you’re collaborating with a large team. This feature is available both in the team space for shared kahoots and in My Kahoots for your personal games.

Kahoot! for businesses - Organize your kahoots in folders

Choose from millions of images for your kahoots

Save time on creating new, engaging kahoots powered with relevant images. Search and choose from millions of high quality, royalty-free images from the built-in Kahoot! image library (provided by Getty Images).

Kahoot! for businesses - Image library

Priority support

We’re there for you! Our customer care team will answer your questions and help you find your way around Kahoot! Pro.

Kahoot! for businesses - Priority support

Brand your kahoots with a logo

Enjoy a branded game experience with your employees, customers and partners. In Kahoot! Pro, you can add your company’s logo to all kahoots you create. Custom branding will appear in the game lobby, on each of the questions,and on screens after the game.

Kahoot! for businesses - Brand your kahoots

Collaborate in a secure team space

In Kahoot! Pro, you can co-create and edit games together with your colleagues in your own secure, shared team space. No need to share kahoots back and forth for editing or review. You can easily copy kahoots from your private account, too. All content is safely in one spot!

Kahoot! for businesses - Team Space

Co-create and edit games with your colleagues

Invite your colleagues – for example, other trainers from your company – to Kahoot! Pro to create and host awesome training games together.

Kahoot! for businesses - Collaborate with others

Measure impact with detailed, visual reports

View detailed reports on game results and easily measure learning impact. Instead of downloading spreadsheets, you can see data visualized in infographics. Find out how many answers were correct in the game, how fast the players were in each question, which question was the easiest or, on the contrary, trickiest, and more.

Kahoot! for businesses - Get advanced reports

Assign mobile training challenges

Planning to train a distributed team or want to reinforce knowledge after a session? Assign Kahoot! challenges that trainees can play in our mobile app and complete their training remotely or on the go. You can track their progress in reports and get valuable insights for planning your next sessions!

Kahoot! for businesses - Mobile Challenges

Keep Kahoot! free for teachers

By getting a paid business license, you’ll help keep Kahoot! free for teachers all over the world.

Kahoot! for businesses - Keep Kahoot! free for teachers

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