Kahoot! for business

Training & development

Keeping trainees on the edge of their seats and achieving tangible learning impact is every trainer’s dream! That’s why most businesses choose Kahoot! to gamify their training and development strategy.

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6 reasons why most businesses choose Kahoot! for training

Energize and engage trainees

From sales training, to product and compliance, Kahoot! helps trainers achieve better learning outcomes, and makes even the heaviest content easy to engage with.

Make knowledge stick

We forget an average of 70% of new information within just one day of acquiring it! However, research proves that if we learn in multiple, spread out sessions we retain knowledge better. Our personalized learning feature will help learners master and retain content.

Improve learning outcomes

With our powerful player identifier feature you can identify learners and track their progress over time. Gain an overview of trainees’ performance across multiple training sessions with combined reports. Great for targeting your instruction!

Add dynamics to complex content

Mix up your kahoots incorporating slides to instruct and polls to gather your trainees’ opinions, as well as quiz questions. Add imagery and video to maximize engagement!

Add dynamics to training content with different game types

Train in class and remotely

We believe learning should be accessible anytime, anywhere! As well as live games, with our app you can assign self-paced training, and also combine quiz questions with slides to produce standalone content for remote training.

Kahoot! for businesses - Mobile Challenges

Personalize gameplay for trainees

With our advanced branding options, you can deliver a highly polished, tailored learning experience to your audience.

Our recommended plans for training

Academy Pro

Track activity and progress for 100 identified learners. Deliver personalized learning.


per company/month
($5268 billed annually)

Get inspired by these training success stories

Leo Silva, Facebook

People pay more attention – that is the dream of any trainer!

Facebook LATAM quickly established Kahoot! as a firm favorite for sales training.

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Jimm Reifsnyder, Western Lighting

Customer engagement has increased 100% since using Kahoot! in our trainings

Western Lighting, a leading lighting agency, brought fun into their product trainings for contractors, distributors and electricians.

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Christopher Shelly, Fairtrade

Learn in a simpler, more dynamic way, having some fun along the way.

Training on heavy policies is no easy task - learn how Fairtrade reimagined compliance training with Kahoot!

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Gerardo Díaz Santos, Scotiabank México

It simplified our training process and became an important tool for continuous learning.

Scotiabank México, multinational bank, made Kahoot! Their go-to tool to train employees on company products and services.

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Greg McLaughlin, Getty

Kahoot! is built into our organizational culture.

Getty Images moved from slides and paper questionnaires to engaging, interactive presentations and training with Kahoot!

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Todd Grantham, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

It significantly increased engagement in our onboarding.

Read about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ unique approach to onboarding with maximum knowledge retention.

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Types of training Kahoot! can help with

Product and support


Policies and compliance

Remote training


Meet Kahoot! Academy

Unlock powerful features with our advanced offering for training, for companies of any size

  • Combine scores over multiple games into reports
  • Identify learners to know who has completed important games
  • Track learners progress over time
  • Create tournaments by combining scores over multiple games
  • Assign personalized learning for self-paced training
  • Provide a fully branded gameplay experience

As well as these powerful features, Kahoot! Academy also provides access to all collaboration, creation, and additional security features, such as:

  • Safe and secure team space
  • Easy to add additional hosts
  • Flexible payment options including invoice
  • Poll questions to gather audience feedback
  • Slides to present and instruct to trainees

Get an overview of all Kahoot! features for trainers