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Kahoot! for businesses

Join millions of office superheroes to make training and presentations fun and engaging with Kahoot!

Create and play interactive learning games that keep employees and customers on the edge of their seats, while driving a higher return on learning investment.

What is Kahoot?! It’s a game-based learning and trivia platform used in classrooms, offices and social settings around the world. Anyone can create a Kahoot! game on any topic, most commonly – a multiple-choice quiz, or choose from millions of existing games to play. When you play a kahoot in a group, questions appear on a shared screen and players answer on their mobile phones or personal devices.

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Training, events or product promotion? Select a premium Kahoot! plan that suits your needs!

Kahoot! Plus: Power up training, presentations and team building

This version is the best match for internal training, presentations and team building activities. You can collaborate on games with your team, brand kahoots with your company logo, view advanced reports to assess learning impact and enjoy an ad-free experience.

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Kahoot! for businesses - Kahoot! Plus

Kahoot! Pro: promote your products & services

Want to play Kahoot! not only employees but also your customers? Kahoot! Pro is the right plan for you. Promote your products and services, run external training and turn your events into game shows! We can also give you a hand with making your event stand out.

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Kahoot! for businesses - Kahoot! Pro

Join millions of office superheroes

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6 reasons to start Kahoot!’ing in your business

Boring training? Never again!

Keep everyone on the edge of their seats in your training sessions and ensure a long-lasting learning impact.

Engaging, interactive presentations

Don’t limit yourself to slide decks. Turn up the engagement in your presentations by blending them with interactive Kahoot! games.

Connect teams, even remotely

A good kahoot connects people and boosts team spirit. It’ll be a great addition to employee onboarding and team building. You can play with remote team members, too!

Make your products shine

Hey marketing and sales folks! Use an interactive game to promote your products or services, or showcase your company.

Bring more fun to your events

A splash of fun, a dash of competition – make your events with employees, partners or customers stand out!

Keep Kahoot! free for schools

By subscribing to one of our premium Kahoot! plans, you’ll help keep our learning platform free for schools all over the world.


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