Make your event a success with Kahoot!

Whether you run events in-house or work for an agency, Kahoot! will help you captivate and engage your audience and make your event stand out. Put your game show host’s hat on and make an epic event!

5 awesome reasons to play Kahoot! at your event

Engage and captivate your audience

Fun, competitive and dynamic, a game of Kahoot! gets participants really plugged in. Players look up to see questions on a big screen and answer on their phones – you’ll captivate their attention from the first question! It’ll help you break the ice at your event, connect, engage, entertain and learn together with a big group.

Fun from team building to large-scale events

When you’re responsible for your company’s internal events or host events for clients, Kahoot! will help you gamify an event of any size. With Kahoot! Premium, you can have up to 2,000 people join your live games, and all they need to play is a mobile device with an internet connection.

Spice it up with some competition

Who doesn’t want to get their name on a giant leaderboard with top 5 players everyone can see? Add a bit of competition into your event, and you’ll immediately bring more energy to the room! Some companies blend Kahoot!’ing into their internal contests with real prizes!

Actionable data and feedback

Check out a report after your game with detailed results and participants’ feedback. Then, use this data to help improve your kahoots and give valuable insights for planning your next event. On top of that, you can easily share reports with your colleagues!

Kick-start the fun before an event

Use Kahoot! mobile challenges to build anticipation before the event or to show all the amazing activities that took place while the event happened.

Events Kahoot!’ifed: see the action!

Recommended plan: Kahoot! Premium

Full set of advanced features

Kahoot! Premium is our most advanced solution for businesses that scores features such as custom branding, image library with millions of images, mobile challenges, folders and co-creation of kahoots.

Kahoot! Premium for events - Get advanced features

Up to 2,000 players in a game

Whether you’re hosting an event in your company’s office or in a large venue – we got you covered! Kahoot! Premium includes an increased number of players letting you have up to 2,000 people participating in your live kahoots or mobile challenges.

Kahoot! Premium for events - Get advanced features

Get your company’s or client’s branding out there

Add custom branding with your own company’s or client’s logo. It’ll appear in the game lobby, each of the questions and screens after the game making your kahoots look really pro!

Kahoot! Premium for events - Brand your kahoots

Event consultancy included

Kahoot! Premium subscription includes an hour of event consultancy to help you plan your live event. You can request additional hours after signing up ($200/hour).

Kahoot! Premium for events - Event consultancy included

Suitable for one-off events, too

Need Kahoot! for a one-off event? Check this special event edition of Kahoot! Premium that includes a license to use Kahoot! in one event within 12 months of buying a subscription.

Kahoot! Premium for events - Suitable for one-off events

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