Gamify your training sessions with Kahoot!

Boring training? Never again! Spice up your training sessions by making them engaging, fun, interactive and memorable through games. You can play Kahoot! to break the ice, reinforce a topic, assess progress or reward trainees.

6 reasons to add Kahoot! to your training strategy

Dynamic, engaging and fun way to present content

The lean-in, interactive game format captivates trainees’ attention, changes dynamics in the room and makes any content more engaging. You can play Kahoot! to activate the audience, recap on a specific part of the session, or sum up the key points in closing. The competition adds extra motivation!

Easy for trainer and trainees to start

When you’re playing Kahoot! during an in-class training session, it’s best to display questions on a larger screen so that everyone can see. To join a game, trainees only need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection – no setup hassle!

Create a kahoot on any topic in minutes

It only takes minutes to create your own quiz on any topic. You can create it yourself, or collaborate with other trainers from your company. Remember to add images and video to boost engagement!

Interactive training increases knowledge retention

Not only does Kahoot! make training fun and dynamic, but it also creates a long-lasting learning impact. According to some Kahoot! heroes, they’ve seen knowledge retention double among trainees after they brought quizzes into their training strategy.

Actionable data insights in game reports

Love data? Voilà! In Kahoot! for businesses, you can view detailed reports on game results, to easily assess learning impact, measure knowledge retention and get insights that’ll help you make your next session even better.

Works great both for in-class and virtual training

As well as playing Kahoot! in a live, in-class setting, you can also send mobile challenges for trainees to play in their own time – super handy for virtual and remote training.

How other companies use Kahoot! for training

Sales training

Equip your team with all the knowledge they need to close great deals. Sales professionals are known to be extra competitive, which is why game-based sales training works like a charm!

Product training

Knowing all the ins and outs of a product is critical for closing sales and helping customers. Kahoot! will make content much easier to remember when you train your internal teams, as well as partners and distributors.

Customer service training

Many companies have already weaved gamification into their customer service training. When it comes to customer service, it’s always better with a smile! Keep your team energetic and engaged so that they make your customers happy. 🙂

Policy training

Let’s face it – mastering policies is tough. But who said it has to be dull? Kahoot! will help you make heavy content more lightweight and easier to process, as well as activate the audience by injecting some fun and competition.

Remote training

In addition to playing Kahoot! live, you can also assign challenges that trainees can play anytime on their phones. Train distributed teams, engage salespeople who are always on the go, or use challenges as “homework” to follow up after live training sessions.

Retail training

Help your salespeople stay at the top of their game by delivering training to where they are! Instead of calling them into a session in the office, send a challenge to train them about new products, campaigns or offers.

Get inspired with these success stories

Hero features in Kahoot! for businesses

Starting from $10 per user/month, you’ll get access to these features in Kahoot! Plus, Pro or Premium for businesses:

  • Essential features for creating, playing and sharing games
  • Import kahoots from spreadsheets
  • Co-create and edit games with other trainers in a private team space
  • Organize kahoots into folders by topic, training segment, etc.
  • Access customizable game templates
  • Assign mobile challenges for remote and virtual training
  • View and share advanced reports
  • Make your kahoots more engaging with images from our premium image library (Kahoot! Pro and Premium)
  • Add custom branding to your kahoots