Kahoot! for schools

Distance learning

We believe that there should be no limits to when and where you can learn. Engage students in learning when your school is out and stay on track with curriculum while instructing online.


Make distance learning awesome

Reach students outside of the classroom

Distance learning tools allow you to stay connected with students when they’re studying from home and instruct online.

Provide flexibility for educators and students

Distance learning doesn’t depend on classroom space, school hours and fixed schedules, which gives educators and students more freedom to plan the process.

Give easier access to learning

Even if your school is closed and students can’t attend classes in person, distance learning allows to continue the process online and keep up with the curriculum.

Download our guide to distance learning for more tips!

Is your school or university affected by the coronavirus outbreak?

We’re providing free access to Kahoot! Premium to any educational institution impacted by the coronavirus. Get free access to Premium for schools or higher education here. Alternatively, contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

"Playing Kahoot! with high school students, located hundreds of kilometers apart, renders the distance transparent and fosters learning as an interactive, engaging and entertaining process."
Glenn Cake, high school French teacher, Canada
"With distance learning it’s especially important to keep engagement and attention up as I'm not in the same room with my students. Kahoot! helps me a lot with that."
Mitchel Africa, science teacher and academic coach, China

How Kahoot! can help you connect with students remotely

Host games live over video conferencing

Play a live game of Kahoot! with students joining from home. Share your screen with an online video conferencing tool (for example. Google Hangouts Meet, Skype or Zoom) to facilitate this.

Guide to playing Kahoot! over video | Distance learning toolkit

Playing in the Kahoot! Cup at the Kahoot! office

Assign student-paced games that can be played anywhere

Extend learning beyond live games and encourage accuracy over speed with student-paced games in challenge mode. Students play at home at their own pace with questions and answers on their screens, while a teacher sees their progress in real time. Many teachers find this way to play Kahoot! helpful for content review, exam prep, and homework assignments.

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Encourage students to create their own kahoots

Another powerful way to engage students at home is to encourage them to create their own kahoots based on learning content and host it live or assign as a challenge. This is a powerful activity for project-based learning that helps students develop from learners to leaders.

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Build a sense of community - across distance, too

In addition to learning impact, playing Kahoot! also helps students get to know each other better and bond, which is especially important in an online classroom setting. For example, language teacher Carol Salva uses student-led kahoots as a way to connect in a classroom with diverse cultural backgrounds.

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Carol Salva's students playing kahoot

Contact us to activate Kahoot! Premium

If your school or higher education institution is closed due to coronavirus, please contact us via this form. We’ll then help you get set up with Kahoot! Premium.