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Kahoot! quickly became the go-to training tool for myself and other trainers in the company
Leo Silva, Facebook
Since introducing Kahoot! tournaments, we've seen fan engagement double!
Daniel Engebretsen, Vålerenga Football

Your best plans for training

For the ultimate training experience, we recommend Premium+

Measure training ROI

Identify players – know the real person behind the nickname! – and track their progress over time.

Host Kahoot! tournaments and combine scores

Combine scores from multiple games or training sessions into a game report or tournament podium. Extend engagement and motivation beyond a single game – great for courses or company-wide competitions!

Extend learning beyond live games

Assign self-paced challenges for learners to complete on their devices at their own pace, within the allocated time. Perfect for busy workers on the go, or for those who can’t join a live game!

Make knowledge stick

Access polls and word clouds to gather feedback, slides to present between questions, puzzle question type, a premium image library, and more!

Host huge games

Host regular kahoot games (where players join with nicknames) for up to 2,000 players.

Branded, customizable experience

Deliver a high impact, fully branded gameplay experience.

Have a large team or need a customized option?

Contact us

Contact us by sending an email to business@kahoot.com and we’ll help you find the answers you need!

What is a Kahoot! “user”?

A user on Kahoot! for businesses is someone who creates and hosts branded kahoots, assigns challenges for remote training, tracks results with advanced reports. For example, it can be a trainer or a presenter.

How many users can I invite?

The more team members you get on board to create kahoots together – the merrier! You can invite up to 10,000 users to your team. Interested in a subscription for a large team? Contact us at business@kahoot.com to discuss enterprise plans.

Do I have to pay for players in a live kahoot?

No. Players don’t need an account or a business license to join your live kahoots.

How many players can join a kahoot?

With Kahoot! Premium, you can have up to 2,000 simultaneous participants in one live kahoot and up to 2,000 participants in mobile challenges.

What's the difference between a "regular" kahoot and an "identified" kahoot?

During a classic live kahoot, players join using nicknames. Nicknames are fun and allow for anonymity in a kahoot. Depending on your plan, up to 2,000 players can join a kahoot using a nickname!

When you host a tournament or want to assign personalized learning, players can join using a nickname but are also identified with email or another parameter. Player identifiers are only visible to the host, allowing to measure training effectiveness over time. Identified kahoots are available with our Premium+ plan.

Is there a free trial?

We offer a free trial on Kahoot! Pro. You can cancel at any time and your credit card won’t be charged until the trial expires.

Do you offer any discounts for nonprofits or NGOs?

Yes! Registered nonprofits and NGOs can sign up to Standard, Pro, Premium, and Premium+ with a 50% discount. For more information, visit our nonprofit page.

What are interactive presentation features?

By importing slides and adding interactive questions and polls, you can create and deliver engaging presentations that everyone remembers. Our slide importer supports .ppt (PowerPoint), PDF (you can export Google Slides as PDFs), and .key (Keynote) formats. Interactive presentation features are available with Premium+. Read more about creating interactive presentations with Kahoot!.

How do businesses use Kahoot! to strengthen company culture?

Kahoot! helps teams – including remote and distributed teams – connect, share knowledge, and have fun. Learn more about how you can use Kahoot! to strengthen culture here.

I need Kahoot! for just one event. Is there a separate pricing plan for that?

Yes! Please go to kahoot.com/register/pricing-events to see our Kahoot! Premium offering for one-off events.

Can I use the Basic (free) plan as a business?

With Kahoot! Basic, you can connect remote teams of up to 10 by playing any kahoot you find in our public library. You can create kahoots and assign them as self-paced challenges for up to 10 players. You can only host kahoots that you’ve created with up to 3 players. To increase your player limit and unlock additional features, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

If I sign up for Kahoot! Standard, can I upgrade to Kahoot! Pro or Premium later?

Yes, you can upgrade any time. Click upgrade now at any time or contact us.

Can I use Kahoot! to survey the audience?

Yes, with the new question type Poll, that is available in Pro and Premium, you can gather participants’ feedback in real time.

How do all these advanced features work?

Check out our YouTube playlist with a series of video tutorials that will show you how you can brand your kahoots, assign mobile challenges, etc.

Can I share a log-in with a colleague?

No, each license of Kahoot! for business is limited to 1 user. Sharing a log-in will impact the user experience. Instead, we recommend that you share and co-create content with your colleagues in your safe and secure team space from separate log-ins. To join a team, ask the admin to add you to the team or reach out to us for support.

What is “player identifier”?

Player identifier is a feature that allows you to identify players from kahoot to kahoot. Players are asked to enter their email address (or a custom identifier of your choosing) when they join your kahoot. This identifier shows in reports and allows you to use our “combined report” feature.

If players use our Android or iOS mobile app to join, their identifier is saved after the first time they enter it so they won’t have to enter it again when joining your kahoots in the future.

What is a “tournament” and a "combined report"?

A tournament allows you to combine scores from multiple, identified kahoots into one report. You can quickly compile a multi-kahoot “tournament” leaderboard and podium. You can only combine reports from kahoots that had “player identifier” on, as player identifiers are necessary to collate data.

What is “personalized learning”?

Personalized learning uses proven learning methods such as spacing and testing to help learners retain information and master content. After a live kahoot, our Android or iOS mobile app will encourage players to repeat questions they got wrong. The app will space these repeats out over the course of seven days. Each time, questions they answer incorrectly are asked again until they answer correctly. As the host, you can see from your kahoot’s advanced report leaderboard each player’s progress through personalized learning.