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Painted hands sign hearth
11 Questions

Fun Trivia

Fun trivia for all ages!

  1. What is a group of unicorns called?
  2. A slug has ____ noses.
  3. What is the plastic covering on the tip of a shoelace called?
  4. How long is a kangaroo baby when it is born?
  5. What is a group of ravens called?
  6. What is the world's most popular first name?
  7. A ___________________ can live for up to 3 weeks without it's head.
  8. The longest recorded flight of a chicken is ____________.
  9. Which animal is known to kill more people than plane crashes?
  10. What is the dot over an i and a j called?
  11. A normal piece of paper can not be folded more than ____ times.