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10 Questions

Nat Geo Bee (Official) Amazing Animals Photo Reveal

What's the best way to prepare for the National Geographic Bee? Practice! This #Amazing #Animals #GeoBee quiz highlights animals from all over the #world. For more information a...

  1. Which animal in the Sahel region can roll into a ball to protect its soft belly from predators?
  2. Which animal lives in the Gran Chaco and uses its long snout as a snorkel?
  3. Which animal that lives in the Amazon can dissolve its prey by injecting it with venom?
  4. Known for its long, spiraled tusk, which creature inhabits the Arctic Ocean?
  5. Which long-billed bird lives in the canopy of the rain forests of Central and South America?
  6. Which animal feeds on penguins and krill near the coast of Antarctica?
  7. Which animal found in Tanzania has poor eyesight and relies more on hearing and smell?
  8. Which animal lives in the Arctic and digs in the snow to find lichens and mosses?
  9. Which animal digs tunnels in the North American temperate grassland?
  10. What reptile, the world’s largest species of lizard, lives in the Lesser Sunda Islands?