We are happy to announce that Kahoot! has been validated against the standards of evidence in Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), aligning with level IV. We are also in the process for being validated with levels II and III in the near future.

The validation process was done by LearnPlatform, an education technology company that helps districts measure the use and effectiveness of their digital products. According to LearnPlatform’s 2023 Mid-Year Report, only about a quarter of the 100 most-used ed-tech tools in classrooms meet Every Student Succeeds Act requirements.

Kahoot! has a strong research base of evidence

There’s a wealth of great research articles that demonstrate how Kahoot! promotes learning, interaction, and engagement. If you are interested in learning more, here’s our curated list.

Earlier research has proven, for example, that Kahoot! has a positive effect on learning performance, classroom dynamics, attitudes, and anxiety.

By using Kahoot!, teachers can increase attendance, student participation, engagement, and motivation.