From learners to leaders

The Kahoot! pedagogy is based on creating a trusted learning space, encouraging a loop from “learner to leader”.

Devised from typical behaviour, gaming and teaching models, the Kahoot! pedagogy creates a cycle which encourages both independent or collaborative research and creation, whilst also empowering learners to present and share their new-found knowledge to their peers, in a playful and social manner.

Deeper learning happens when learners consider not just what the correct answers are to questions, but also what the potential incorrect answers are. The more creative they are encouraged to be with their content, the deeper they will understand the topics set.

Typically, the loop happens with the following events:

  • Once the educator has introduced a topic, they will play their own Kahoot! quiz with their class to assess their understanding
  • The educator then asks their learners to create their own quizzes on specific topics
  • Learners research, build up knowledge and gather relevant content
  • They then create their quizzes based on this content
  • And are then empowered to become leaders as they play their quiz back to classmates
  • Teachers can assess their understanding based on the quality of their content (including the wrong answers!)

The learning space also happens outside of the classroom – in study groups or even at home when played with friends, parents or siblings.

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From learners to leaders