Kahoot! user Liz Wiseman (@liz_wiseman) has challenged her students to submit their final project of the year through Kahoot! Liz is a 5th/6th grade Math Teacher at St. Andrews School in Savannah, Georgia, USA and she has shared with us the rubric she made for assessing her students.

The challenge is to create a quiz based on one of the topics the students have learned this year in math and here is the brief and rubric Liz gave to her students on how to do the Kahoot!

Liz has given 8 criterias for assessment and each is graded from 1 to 4. The criterias are Presentation; Grammar, Spelling & Aesthetics; Mechanics; Demonstrated Knowledge; Requirements; Organisation; Content Knowledge & Thesis Statement and the grading may go from “Quiz extremely well constructed and creative” to “Information is missing; misses key points” Have you considered this kind of idea for assessing your students final projects?

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