There’s a lot of reasons why Kahoot!’ers rock our world. You’re smart, interesting, curious, and LOUD – for all the right reasons!

In and outside of the classroom we get tons of awesome comments from our community tagging us with their favorite ways to use Kahoot!, #GhostMode in particular. We’ve gone ahead and cherry picked our top five, and know they’ll have a positive impact on how you play!

Master it Faster

Using the ‘Play again in Ghost Mode’ button on the final screen, play again straight away to reinforce knowledge with repetition.


Desk to Desk Battle

Use the link in the results page to get one class playing against the results of a previous group.


Bring it Home!

Using the new ‘Send a link’ feature, play a game in class and then provide the link for each student to play again at home – trying to beat their in-class score.


Time is A Great Teacher

Using the link in the results page, play against the ghosts of a kahoot played at the beginning of the topic or module to measure progress over time.

Around the World in One Kahoot

Using the ‘Send a link’ feature, share your ghost game with another teacher. Give students the chance to compete against other classes around the country or the world.

And just in case you need a refresher on how to use #GhostMode, we have you covered! Click here to check out our detailed #GhostMode tutorials, including all the latest updates.

Happy Kahoot!’ing,

Team K!