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22 Apr 2016

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Shakespeare Kahoot!’ing: “Is this a kahoot which I see before me?”

Learning Shakespeare? Join us for a few kahoots of epic drama, little known facts, and masterful insights that celebrate the life of one of the greatest writers of all time.

As the inimitable William Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage” – and with the 400th anniversary of his death happening on April 23rd, there’s no better time to celebrate Shakespeare’s works in style!

With 37 plays and 154 sonnets under his belt and a legacy that transcends time, William Shakespeare was nothing short of a mastermind – and a well studied one, at that! Just in time for his big 400, we made sure to compile a list of stellar kahoots that celebrate his art as fabulously as his prose.

From modern age spins to a comprehensive overview of his history, there’s a kahoot for everyone in this bundle. And speaking of bundles… just like collaboration is what makes actors in his play soar to new genius heights, these kahoots are even better played in Team Mode!

Let’s playeth, shall we?

Shakespeare’s Life and Times

This comprehensive kahoot made by gwagner17 is not only bursting with essential facts about Shakespeare himself, but about the historical period in which he lived and how that affected his works. Plus, all of the images have a fun pop art element to them – guaranteed to catch your learners’ eyes.

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Shakespeare's Life and Times

Shakespeare’s Life and Times #shakespeare #college #history #theglobe #theatre #freshmanstudies

Shakespeare or Rapper?

The K!rew loves the creativity that went into this amazing game by mckinnonkelly – not only is it really immersive and fun, it’s also pretty tricky! Luckily, there’s Ghost Mode – so if you miss a few the first time, you can always beat your best score when you play it again!

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Shakespeare or Rapper?

Fun quiz for students to guess whether provided quotes are from Shakespearean plays or popular rap songs.

Romeo and Juliet

Ah, Romeo and Juliet. A tragic romance, a high school classic. Bring your players right back into the world of dreamy Verona with Paulaagopar’s kahoot that makes sure readers catch all the most important facts before you dive into literary analysis.

How Well Do You Know Shakespeare?

You know the name, you know the plays, but how about the life Shakespeare led? This awesome kahoot covers William’s writing styles, actors, and history in just 10 questions. Great job, VWISEMAN15!

Macbeth Characters, Quotes and Background

MrsLeker’s kahoot brings us to Scotland to discover the world of the Macbeths and their quest for power… and where that leads. Without giving too much away, her kahoot serves up all the essential facts and is a fantastic way to review core plot points with ease.

Which is your favorite?

With so many excellent games to choose from and so little time, we hope you have literally the best day ever – and can’t wait to hear about which kahoot was your favorite on twitter @GetKahoot!

We’ll even (try to) wax a little poetry with our @replies if you send us photos to share with our community, but we can’t promise it’ll be up to William’s standards. 😉

Happy Kahoot!’ing!