One weekend last February, I noticed a tweet from a fellow teacher about Kahoot! The name intrigued me so I decided to have a look at this online resource. It was so easy to create a quiz that I ended up creating a couple of them to play with my classes on Monday with some iPads borrowed from my department.

“The students’ feedback was all positive”

Even though it was new to them, the students quickly understood how it worked and loved playing the game. They loved the competitive side as you can see the top five students after each question. At the end, students were able to leave feedback, and it was all positive.

“As a teacher, it’s easy for me to see who needs more support”

I like the layout of the results and how easy it is to find the information you need, and that you can transfer the results into Google Drive. It allows me to see their answers for each question, and quickly see who needed more support.

I emailed my colleagues to tell them about this great resource and had another class playing a different kahoot in the afternoon. The students’ reaction was the same: they loved it and wanted to play more.

How I Kahoot!

Kahoot! is still very popular at my school. I ran two training sessions for the staff and a number of them use the online resource in their lessons in different ways – a starter (Blind Kahoot) or plenary for example. I also use the resource for surveys now and then. In September, I hosted a big Kahoot! quiz to celebrate the European Day of Languages during an assembly, with about 80 students playing at the same time, competing for their houses.

Sharing our insights with the Kahoot! Team and the wider community

I have been extremely lucky to be able to share our school experience with the Kahoot! team itself. In June 2015, a few staff came to see my Y6 class in action. The pupils played two games and were awarded prizes from Kahoot! They also had the opportunity to ask and answer questions from the designer and the developers.

We were even luckier in September when Johan Brand, Kahoot!’s CEO, arrived at the school with a Norwegian TV crew. They were creating a documentary and wanted to feature some clips of our class playing kahoot. Driven by the desire to win the game, students quickly forgot the cameras and played a few kahoots. Later, pupils were able to explain why they enjoyed using Kahoot! in lessons and asked Johan a few questions. What a great experience for the students!

You can see the documentary online and see Edge Grove for a couple of minutes here:

Good things always come in threes, and in November 2015 the Kahoot! team came back to spend the afternoon with my Y5 classes. We were very lucky to try out a new feature “image reveal”. As always with Kahoot!, it went very well and loudly: pupils having fun revising French.

“My students made me proud with the quality of their answers as well as their questions”

Funnily enough, the other students recognised the Kahoot! staff walking around the school. As I said before, this online resource is famous and much loved here. Pupils ask me regularly when they would be able to meet Kahoot! people.

On every visit, my students made me proud with the quality of their answers as well as their questions. They were all pleased and happy to have met the staff from Kahoot!

Collaborating with Kahoot! to “reimagine learning”

I spent some time at Bett 2016 at the stand called “Reimagine Learning”, bringing together three online resources: Kahoot!, Class Dojo and GoNoodle. I use all three of them in my teaching for different purposes and I believe that they are beneficial for the learning and engagement of pupils. It was a great opportunity to meet the lovely people working behind those platforms, and share my insights with them.

I don’t only like the content of Kahoot! but the people behind it – they were all lovely and helpful. In addition, they are so keen to hear from teachers and pupils; eager to make their resource better.

A special thank you to Stephanie for her support and collaboration. I am looking forward to more projects and school visits!

– from a proud Kahoot!’er

Thanks for letting us learn from you

Our hearts grow a few sizes every time we get to connect with educators and leaders who believe in our mission, and hear how Kahoot! has positively affected their teaching experiences.

Better still, insights and feedback from Kahoot!’ers are invaluable to our team – they help us keep improving the platform, focusing on the features that will help you the most. Every time you share your thoughts or open your classroom doors to our team, it’s an opportunity for us to learn from you.

From all of us here at Kahoot!, we want to extend our biggest and best warm regards and thanks to Christel!

Have a great Kahoot! story of your own? Make sure to say hi to us @GetKahoot, and we may just stop by to learn from your school next!