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13 Feb 2017

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Animated GIFs in Kahoot! – Support Chief weekly “hacks”

Learn how to use animated GIFs to bring life and fun to your kahoots in this “weekly hacks” blog post by Support Chief Bryan Hahn.

As Support Chief, I am in charge of making sure that we have great tools and processes in place to ensure that reported challenges are addressed efficiently.

Let me tell you, it’s amazing what you all do sometimes! I am impressed! While we have not yet designed Kahoot! to do everything, there are some great “hacks” I’ve seen that drive Kahoot! beyond its standard capabilities. One of these “hacks” involves using animated GIFs to bring life and fun into the kahoots.

If any of you are familiar with the many games created by our in-house professor, Alf Inge Wang, then you might know he’s a fan of animation. Some of his kahoots use a technique that’s been coined as “image reveal”. Check out his “image reveal” kahoot! here:

How to create an “image reveal” effect in Kahoot!

While Kahoot! doesn’t currently offer any built-in tools to create “image reveal” animations, creating it on your own is simpler than many might expect. You simply use animated GIFs!

Check out this kahoot that covers some basics of how GIFs work and how to make them.

This kahoot lists various tools you can use, in addition to an animated template to get you started. All you have to do is to choose a tool, find its respective guide on how you make GIFs with it and get going!

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