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14 Sep 2017

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All things science: New ready-to-play kahoot collection!

Today we release our second ready-to-play kahoot collection. It’s all about science! You’ll find biology and chemistry kahoots aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), directly on your Kahoot! start page.

Over the next weeks and months we will continue to add more kahoots to the science collection, to fit more grades, topics and standards, as well as building more collections for other subjects.

Thank you for playing!

A couple of weeks ago we launched our first ready-to-play, curriculum-aligned collection featuring math kahoots. The response made us really happy! More than 100.000 players have already played these kahoots, in 120 countries, and the numbers are growing by the minute! The feedback we’ve received from our community has also been overwhelmingly positive:



Today we’re really proud and excited to launch the Science collection, that you also find directly on your startpage in Kahoot!

Here is how you can find the science collection:

  1. Log in to Kahoot!
  2. Click on the science collection directly on the start page, or choose a science kahoot right away.
  3. Find a ready-to-play kahoot in the collection
  4. Play!

How to find good kahoots? Curriculum aligned and ready to play

Feel free to mark the kahoots you like as a favorite to play later, play in preview mode to review them, or simply enjoy playing them immediately. All of the science kahoots can be duplicated and edited to fit your preferences or standards:

science kahoots landing page exampe image

More kahoots and collections coming up!

Keep checking back in, as we will continue to add science and math kahoots to the collections over the upcoming weeks to cover more topics, grades, standards and game formats such as Jumble. We will also add several new collections in the near future, such as ELA (English Language Arts), History and Geography.


Biology: Cell Features

Biology: Cell Features

Biology grade 9-10: This kahoot covers the structure and function of cell organelles as well as identifying cell types. Based on NGSS HS-LS1-1. New Generation Science Standards.

Ready, set, Science!

PSSSSSST! We would love to hear your feedback! Please share it with us on Twitter, Facebook or in our Facebook community.