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20 Oct 2017

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Treats with tricky questions: 3 Halloween history kahoots

Time to switch into the spooky game mode! As a special treat, we created 3 tricky Halloween history kahoots for your class; they’re eerily fun!

Halloween! It’s time to play!
We will learn the spooky way.
Ready for a friendly scare?
Try these games now, if you dare! 👻

It’s just a few days left before Halloween, which means it’s high time to activate the spooky Kahoot! mode! We did our homework to prepare for trick-and-treating in advance. Here’s the treat we have in stock for you: we created a few special, terribly cool kahoots.

These quiz games are focused on Halloween history. They’re part our new, ready-to-play history collection that we’ve just launched. Just to give you a sneak peek: How and where in the world did the Halloween tradition start? What’s special about the American tradition of celebrating this day? What are the origins of jack-o’-lantern?

Play these Halloween kahoots in your class

Now when Halloween mood is in the air, we expect that these games will definitely captivate your class with history topics. Be prepared – they might ask for more! We’ve mixed a nice potion of fun and learning in our Kahoot! Studio cauldron! 🙂

We’ve also decorated Kahoot! to make your experience even more Halloweeny… Play on the platform or challenge your students in the app to find all the spooks we placed in Kahoot! 🎃🎃🎃