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9 Feb 2018

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This Valentine’s day, share the love through a kahoot!

Love is in the air! ❤ As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’ll help you find or create kahoots you can share with someone you like, admire or want to give a high five.

Wondering how to make Valentine’s week awesome for your students? We have a few LOVEly ideas for you! Instead of sending a greetings card, share your love through a kahoot and encourage your learners to do the same. Here are some themed templates to help you along the way!

Valentine's Day Blog

How to use kahoot templates, pre-made with love

This year, “Say it with flowers” will turn into “Say it with a kahoot”! Our very own Kahoot! Studio created some fun, quirky and cute kahoot templates for you to use in the classroom and beyond.

Suggest your students to duplicate one of the premade kahoot templates and edit it for their friends or someone they have a crush on.

How to duplicate and edit a kahoot:

  1. Open a kahoot
  2. Click on the three dots to open more actions
  3. Click Duplicate
  4. Go to My kahoots
  5. Open the duplicated kahoot and edit it to your heart’s desire!

How to duplicate a kahoot

Choose a Valentine’s template for your kahoot

If you want to remind a friend how amazing they are, this kahoot could be a great way to show them your appreciation.

If you’re thinking about your crush, and want them to know how much you love them. This is for you!

Want to ask someone out? Try this template!

Don’t have individual devices in your classroom? No problem! For this special occasion, we themed our printable Kahoot! template as well. Share the paper templates with your learners and ask them to write down their own questions and answers for their Valentine’s kahoot.

That’s not all! Our own Kahoot! Studio also produced a Valentine’s Day Jumble. This game format, where you have to drag answers into the correct order, will work perfectly for writing a love letter.

Valentine’s day history and trivia – ready-to-play quizzes by Kahoot! Studio

Do you know where the Valentine’s day tradition originates from? What about Valentine’s gift giving – can you guess if flowers or candy are more popular? Test your knowledge with these ready-to-play quizzes created by Kahoot! Studio! Don’t forget to bookmark Kahoot! Studio’s profile to find more fun, high-quality kahoots on different topics, ready to play in one click.

Valentine's day kahoot. Image credits: CC0

Valentine's day in numbers

Do you like cool stats? Play this quiz to learn about Valentine’s day in numbers! Can you guess which gift is more popular – candy or flowers ?