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27 Feb 2018

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New for businesses – Kahoot! Pro: play with customers and supercharge your events

Shout-out to all marketing and sales folks, event managers and trainers! Take the Kahoot! fun outside your company with Kahoot! Pro, our new premium offering.

Imagine this: you’re on stage at an event, room full of your customers, prospects and partners. Instead of looking at their phone screens as you go flip your slides, they’re actually cheering, clapping and having a great time – they’re really plugged in!

Or how about this: you’re presenting to your customers, and when you add a fun interactive quiz to the conversation, it boosts engagement and makes your product truly shine!

Put your game host’s hat on and make it all happen with Kahoot! Shout-out to all marketers, sales folks, event managers and trainers: take the fun and engagement of Kahoot! outside your company with Kahoot! Pro! This is our newest premium offering that allows you to play Kahoot! with customers, prospects and partners and supercharge your events of any size.

Who can use Kahoot! Pro?

Presenters and trainers often struggle with low audience engagement and are uncertain about assessing the impact of their session. Does the content actually stick?

The idea behind Kahoot! Pro is to give office superheroes a way to present their company and products in an engaging, interactive way through games to customers, prospects, partners and event attendees.

Marketing and sales folks, event managers, corporate trainers – Kahoot! Pro will supercharge your session when you…

  • Promote your products and services
  • Plan customer and partner events
  • Present outside your company
  • Run external training

The difference between Kahoot! Pro and Kahoot! Plus, you say?

With this release, we now offer two premium plans for businesses – Kahoot! Plus and Kahoot! Pro. Wondering which of them is the best match for you?

Kahoot! Plus is the best match for internal training, both in-class and mobile, presentations, team meetings and employee onboarding.

Only on Kahoot! Pro, you can play with customers, prospects, partners and others outside your company to promote your products and supercharge your events. Kahoot! Pro includes all the features from our basic version and the premium features from Kahoot! Plus, such as branding kahoots with your company’s logo, advanced reports, mobile training challenges, shared area where you collaborate on kahoots with your team, and more.

This offering also includes a dedicated success manager who will help you make the most of your Pro experience. Need support with making your event stand out? We can help with that!

It’s not all about the features. By subscribing to our of our premium plans, you help to keep Kahoot! free for schools around the world.

Get started with Kahoot! Pro today

For a limited time, Kahoot! Pro is available for a special launch price of $199 a year per user, a savings of over $40 compared to the standard price. If you are already a Kahoot! Plus user, upgrade to Kahoot! Pro and get it all! Kahoot! Plus subscribers will be able upgrade to Kahoot! Pro for $139 per user for an annual subscription until April 30.

Kahoot! like a pro! Get started with Kahoot! Pro today.