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22 Jan 2019

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Learning about Earth and space through exploration with Infiniscope

Travel to Mars, explore solar system, discover mysterious small worlds in space and decipher the science of astrobiology – learn and explore together with Infiniscope, NASA and Kahoot!

Calling all science teachers and space enthusiasts! Would you like to spark even more curiosity, excitement, engagement, and confidence among your learners when teaching solar system, space and Earth science? We’ve teamed up with Infiniscope, supported by NASA, to invite you on an exciting journey of interactive learning and exploration. Get on board!


How Infiniscope makes space exploration awesome

Created by Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration and funded by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, the Infiniscope project makes the vastness of space and space exploration inviting, accessible, and interactive for educators and learners of all ages. Infiniscope believes that solar system exploration and learning experiences should inspire curiosity, excitement, engagement, and confidence – and we couldn’t agree more!

Explore Earth and space with these themed kahoots

In collaboration with Infiniscope, we’ve created a special kahoot collection to take you and your students on an exciting journey of exploring Earth and space. Playing these kahoots in class or as homework, learners can take a virtual tour around Mars, learn more about eclipses, reach mysterious small worlds, follow the evidence to the doom of the dinosaurs, decipher concepts of astrobiology and other scientific topics. Ready, set, play:

Tap into more interactive, free learning experiences and resources

In addition to exploratory activities for all space enthusiasts, Infiniscope also offers a whole universe of additional resources for educators. It empowers them to connect, collaborate, and create experiences tailored to their students’ specific needs.

As an educator, you can use these lessons right off the shelf with resources provided. You can also participate in optional training on how to build learning experiences that are exploratory in nature and adaptive to the individual needs of your learners. Additionally, you gain access to a space where you can connect and collaborate with other like-minded educators as a community of practice. These resources are provided at no cost to educators across the United States and its territories.

All Infiniscope learning experiences are aligned with NGSS and CCSS, include lesson plans with the 5E model of science instruction, contain built-in assessment paired with an intelligent tutoring system and can be adapted and shared back to the digital teaching network.

Join the Infiniscope Digital Teaching Network

Learn more about the Infiniscope Digital Teaching Network and join it for free! Connect to innovative educators who are already bringing NASA content to their learners, collaborate with them to discuss and share relevant resources and create your own learning experiences with the help of the network. Make sure to follow Infiniscope on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and be the first to learn about new and existing lessons, discover digital teaching tips and stay up to date with news on science, technology and more.