Hi! My name is Jean-Baptiste Huynh – my friends call me JB – and I’m a co-founder of DragonBox.

About a decade ago, I was a teacher with a big problem. I knew my students were smart but they simply were not interested in math. So I started my rigorous search for new ways to engage them. Nothing seemed to work as well as I hoped until I started creating games.

Games worked like magic!

So I teamed up with my friend, cognitive scientist Patrick Marchal, and we founded DragonBox, a pedagogy studio to provide the world with the best possible learning experiences.

Since then, we have created some amazing products that help children learn math both at home and at school, including really complex topics such as algebra. As we believe that nurturing thinking skills is crucial to learning, we also teamed up with World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen to invent a super innovative way of learning to play chess!

Today we are thrilled to join Kahoot! It’s a company we have always admired. It shares both our passion for playful learning and our Nordic values which seek to amplify children’s voices and support their learning needs.

Together, we’ll be able to create new, innovative and playful ways to learn and bring them to every child on the planet. Kahoot! and DragonBox will transform every classroom into a space where learning is unleashed through play for every student.

We’re proud to become members of the Kahoot! community, joining passionate learners and educators. Let’s learn new things while playing together!

Read more about this announcement in this press release. To learn more about DragonBox and what we do, visit our website DragonBox.com.