We know it has been a roller coaster of a school year, but in such a challenging time, educators worldwide have risen to the occasion and, in record-time, changed the face of education. You are all true heroes, and we want to thank all of you!

This summer, we want to help teachers like you reflect on your teaching practice, explore new ideas, and connect with other educators who have had similar experiences. All through summer and the back-to-school season, Kahoot! Academy – the newly launched global knowledge platform, community, and marketplace for educators and publishers – will feature ideas and advice from educators who are passionate about sharing knowledge.

Teachers are taking over!  

Allowing educators to connect through a global educator network, where knowledge sharing is the #1 priority, is one of the main goals of Kahoot! Academy, so we are excited to let educators take over!

Throughout the summer, you will hear from the Verified educator of the week, who will provide exclusive insight into their personal struggles, triumphs, and learnings. You will hear about their secrets to keeping students engaged, positives they have taken away from distance learning, how they use technology with their students, major struggles they have overcome in their classrooms, and so much more! Some weeks, our awesome partners will share their advice and insights, too.

You will hear from educators of all grades and subjects from all over the world. They will be sure to stretch your thinking and provide some summer solace.

Keep up to date with the teacher takeover with daily updates on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube plus follow the weekly blog posts on kahoot.com/blog.  

If you did not catch the announcement during the Kahoot! EDU Summit; Kahoot! Academy is a high-quality content platform and community for educators around the world. It is a place where educators and publishers can share their learning material with others and create or join communities based on the subjects they teach, their curriculum, or interests. Read more about it here!

Ready to join Kahoot! Academy?

Educators and brands can apply today to become Verified educators or Premium partners. To apply, go to kahootacademy.com, and we will help you get started! 

Verified publishing rights on Kahoot! Academy will be offered as a part of Kahoot! Premium+ for schools and higher education, from $6/user/month until September 30 (usual price $9/user/month). For those who come to Kahoot! Academy to explore and seek new knowledge, Kahoot! Academy will, of course, be free.