With the transition to virtual learning, student engagement has become more important than ever. To engage learners of all ages all around the world, Kahoot! is collaborating with Marvel Entertainment to create a wide collection of ready-to-play kahoots featuring fan-favorite Marvel characters.

The learning games within Marvel’s collection are now available on Kahoot! as part of the Kahoot! Academy content offering, covering a diverse range of subjects and topics – including natural sciences, physical sciences, math, STEM, history, language learning, sports science and more. Launched in June 2020, Kahoot! Academy is a brand-new knowledge platform, online community, and marketplace which allows educators and publishers, such as Marvel, to share and access content and build learner and educator communities to further advance teaching and learning methods. All Kahoot! Academy content is available on Kahoot!.

Designed for learners and their educators, the first collection of official Marvel kahoots focuses on a broad array of the US Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Perfect for self-study and teacher-led learning both in classrooms and remotely, these kahoots feature the much-loved franchises and characters from the Marvel Universe as the entry point for learning. Each Marvel kahoot will represent a unique character-driven learning resource, with characters such as Captain America, Black Panther, the Hulk, Captain Marvel, Storm, the Wasp, Wolverine and others.

As educators head into the new school year, these kahoots will serve as a perfect way to introduce science concepts to their learners in a fun, engaging and imaginative way intertwined with their favorite Marvel characters.

This collaboration between Kahoot! and Marvel reinforces the mission of Kahoot! to make learning awesome.

In addition to Marvel, Kahoot! has partnered with Disney Youth Programs in 2019 to launch a library of Disney-themed kahoots, which now have been played by millions of players. Kahoot! has also teamed up with National Geographic to launch a series of kahoots to promote geographic literacy.

For more tips and inspiration for using kahoots in your online classes, check out our starter guide for distance learning.