Calling all math and science teachers! We have some exciting news that will help you create even more impactful kahoots for your students.

With our new math symbol editor, you can add formulas and equations into questions, answer alternatives and slides in your kahoot. Fractions, square root, logarithms, negative integers – you name it! You won’t have to use other tools to create images with more complex equations which will save your time putting together a high quality kahoot.

Math symbol equation editor screenshot


How to add a math equation or formula to your kahoot

With our new math symbol editor, you can add equations and formulas to questions, answer alternatives and slides:

  1. Click in the text field and start typing a question, answer alternative or info in a slide.
  2. Open the math symbol editor by clicking f(x).
  3. Type the formula or equation and choose special symbols from the options below.
  4. Switch to the Greek tab if you need to add a Greek symbol.
  5. Hit Insert once the equation or formula is ready!


Math equation editor keyboard

This new feature is available for free for all educators, as well as business users.

5 bonus tips to make your math kahoot more impactful

In addition to the math symbol editor, here are several features that will you help you set up your kahoot for maximum learning impact:

Add a slide with an explanation

Spend a few minutes explaining the correct answer or solution to a math problem by using a slide in your kahoot.

Increase focus with a puzzle question

In a puzzle question, students need to arrange answers in the correct order. This question type works great for building math equations or formulas!

Boost problem solving skills with a “Type answer” question

Instead of having students choose from answer alternatives, ask them to type their answer to a problem in order to assess how well they understand the concept.

Adjust the question timer to give students more time to think

Math questions require accuracy and focus! Use the timer in a question to give students up to 4 minutes to answer a question. We’ve heard from some math teachers that they hand out sheets of paper to let students work through the problem before answering.

Assign student-paced challenges for review

With student-paced challenges that learners play on their mobile devices or computers, you can turn off the timer completely to remove pressure and minimize guesswork. Many math teachers use this way of playing Kahoot! for review, both in class and at home. Read this story where middle school teacher Alison Vance shares her best practices.

Ready-to-use math kahoots from Verified Educators within Kahoot! Academy

This week, Kahoot! Academy, our global teacher community and knowledge platform, puts a spotlight on math teachers! Check these collections of ready-to-use math kahoots – you can play them with your students in class or remotely, or duplicate and customize to your needs. In this post, Verified Educators have also shared their top tips for engaging students in math classes.