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Spark joy in social emotional learning with Disney and Pixar’s OSCAR® Winner “Soul” and other Disney fan-favorites

Make social emotional learning enjoyable and meaningful with new, ready-to-play kahoot games featuring Disney and Pixar’s OSCAR® Winning “Soul” movie and other Disney fan-favorites on Kahoot! Academy!

Students, teachers, parents and others around the world have gone through life-changing challenges over the past year. Building social and emotional learning (SEL) skills is more important than ever, both in school, at home and at work, to keep learning, growing and unleashing our potential. To support our users in adding heart and soul into their social and emotional learning, we’re very excited to introduce a brand new collection of kahoots focusing on SEL, that invites Disney fans of all ages to celebrate life, share empathy and appreciate the little things!

soul movie

Featuring Disney and Pixar’s OSCAR® Winner “Soul” and other beloved Disney films, these kahoots will inspire you to stop and smell the roses and enjoy a moment of silence (or the taste of a hot slice of pizza), as you explore what brings joy to your life, what makes each of us unique and more. Discover these kahoots on the Disney Premium partner page on Kahoot! Academy today!

These are the first games in Disney’s social emotional learning collection on Kahoot! Academy, with more to come over the next months and during the 2021 back-to-school season. As many students and teachers will be returning to the classroom for the first time in over a year, social emotional skills will be key to navigating these changes and adapting to “a new normal.”

The kahoots in Disney’s new social emotional learning collection are all available for free on Kahoot! Academy, a knowledge platform and online community which allows anyone to access content that supports engaging and meaningful learning experiences. All Kahoot! Academy content, including hundreds of kahoots from Disney, is available for all Kahoot! users, both through the website and on the mobile app.

Play these new Disney kahoots today; they’re sure to be good for the soul!